Nokia 6120 Classic Review
With the launch of the N-series in the end of 2005 and the E-series in October the same year, Nokia’s Symbian smartphones became more targeted at particular groups of people and particular interests (multimedia / business), developing mainly in these directions. The good smartphones of the brand are invariably from one of the above series and the Symbian models with the four-digit model numbers, typical for the brand, have lost position, due to their more modest specifications. Thus, there came a time when it proved impossible to buy a balanced Nokia smartphone, availing of the contemporary phone functions and instead you had to choose between a multimedia phone (N-series), a business phone (E-series) or a middle-of-the-road option from the other models.

A tendency that we have observed lately is Nokia’s attempt to offer better smartphones also from the groups, which are not part of the N- and E-series. The compromises have been reduced and the new models are no longer ‘second-to-best phones’. The new generation of the said Nokia smartphones, launched during this year’s Q1 and Q2, proudly feature QVGA displays and 16 million colors, the most recent Symbian v9.2 OS, fast 369 MHz processors and 3G. The currently tested 6120 Classic even maintains 2 frequencies, one for Europe/Asia and one for North America.

6120, named „Classic”, is one of the few smartphones, included in this group. This is the ‘normal’ phones’ class: not the ones, targeted at people with particular interests, but the ones intended as mass sellers: phones that would appeal to different people in different age-groups, with different interests and social status.



1. Ali unregistered

its nice phone butt missing 3 mp cam and vga video rec

2. joe unregistered

this phone has most features need for a everyday life style the latest OS got me interested as well as the size of the phone. this has video recording.

3. Lauren unregistered

Wow this phone is great at first it confused me because of all the features! This phone is fantastic. I reccomend it to everyone it is worth it and is a phone you can keep for a long time

4. SAC unregistered

Nice phone in specs and all, but once you get one in your hands, don't be surprised to think this thing came out of a cracker-jack box. It's quite light and very "plasticky" - hence the feeling of holding a toy in your hands - it creeks and feels like the back will fall apart. The saving grace is the software that runs the phone - it's good and fast, albeit quite confusing to new Symbian users. The reception is not bad, voice quality is average (speaker as well) and Nokia certainly didn't get out of its way to make this an energy efficient device - be prepared to recharge the phone every 1-1/2 days because the battery won't last longer than that with average use. I would rate this a 6 but only because the reception isn't bad. Critical review? Indeed as all such products ought to be reviewed.

5. unregistered

thanx for the detailed review!!!

6. Shasheendra unregistered

Camera quality (still and video) is poor and well below the expectations. Other features overall can be given 70%.

7. oscar unregistered

hi! i got the phone for 1 month and after using as a normal user, i realized that the phone is not so good as i thought or i read on the review... the back cover moves and it seems that it will fall off, and i never dropped the phone, i have to charge the phone everyday and i just used the phone to make 2 o 3 calls per day, send sms and mms. Im used to sony ericsson's or motorola's batt that will last for 2 o 3 days. Internet connection is the best the phone has, it is faster, and the phone will switch from 3 to 3.5 G, but it will depend on the service u have... the cam quality is horrible, as a high end phone, i was expecting a better quality, as well as the video... overall is a normal phone, with a good interface and a toy-looking device... but im thinking of going back to sony or motorola...

8. Edwin unregistered

I've had the phone for about a month now and heres what I got to say. It's an awesome phone. It's fast and it does everything i want. The sound and image quality is top notch. i do have some gripes. The phone is buggy. It does this thing every so often where all volume dies from the phone. It doesnt ring, the keys don't make any noise, and you can't hear anything. It's fixed by restarting but that is kinda bad when you dont knwo when its gonna go buggy on you and you have the alarm set. It's also frozen up completely twice so far where i had to remove the battery. I'm in the US (Los Angeles), and we have 3g on the 1900 range, so I don't get 3g here. So that was a disappointment too. but besides those things, I'm loving the phone. I got TomTom running from it too.

9. unregistered

awesome review! it's my current phone and i love it. :) it's not the perfect phone, but it gets the job done. just a little correction... the panoramic camera mode can take more than 2 images to stitch together and form a panoramic image... but it does result to a smaller image.

10. unregistered

well this is the best phone i have ever used other than 6600, all the features are damn good , pity we will be getting 3G in India late end of 2008 . The phone battery is decent , multimedia capabilities are good, i use this phone everywhere i go , I take to the bathroom listen to FM station when i bathe & I connect to my car streo, which play the song stored in the card. Me being a dentist, its useful in a lot of ways too. The uses are endeless for me with this phone , I have suggested this to my friend who will be getting it shortly. One issue is it does not have a GPS receiver - OTHER WISE DAMN VALUE FOR EVERY PENNY- SUPERB REVIEW POSTED IN HERE

11. unregistered

Fantastic! phone,powerful symbian 9.2. N-gage 2 plays well and fast. Great small display. Cons: Center pad poor quality chrome.

12. mohammed unregistered

hey i'm mohammed and i live in gaza palestine ... i saw this phone in the mall and i really like the features and the phone and i want to buy it but i really need help i'm kinda confused i search the web finding all the comments tht people leave about this phone and i'm still confused so can anyone help me .. my email is

13. sand unregistered

My dispaly is black, mixed, gone.. what should i do...?
6120 classic
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 820 mAh(2.70h 3G talk time)

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