Nokia 3200 review


Nokia 3200 is a very small step forward for the #1 phone manufacturer. But I guess Nokia still does not get it – they have lost considerable percentage of their market share – down to 28.9 percent from 36 percent a year ago and still continue to introduce phones with the same interface – series 40 and same grandpa (bar) design. Nokia, it's about time to move forward. It is true that the company was the first to start the whole customization trend with the introduction of exchangeable faceplates and ability to put your own graphics on phone screens, but I think they have lost the ball. Samsung has gained momentum and have increased their market share from 10.5 percent market to 14.5. Their primary weapon – clamshell designs with very interactive user interface.
Going back to Nokia 3200, the phone has a gazillion features (Loudspeaker, flashlight, EDGE high speed data, WAP, JAVA, voice recording) but still features the bar style with Series 40 user interface. It time for Nokia to introduce something like Series 20 (I just made this up – but it would be nice to have Series 20 aimed at the youth market) and break away from the conservative feel their phones have. If you have used of the latest Samsungs you will know what I am taking about – they are all animated, with 65k colors and outer-space sounds on every click. And the new generation digs this.


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