Motorola KRZR K1 Review


Motorola dictates the design direction in mobile phones for years, and their most apparent examples are the RAZR-phones, that became the most popular device and the ones the other manufacturers regulate their models with. After a few models from the RAZR and SLVR families achieved their missions as best-sellers, Motorola decided to use another style that was sure to become a hit – shiny reflective surface. We first saw it in pre-production units of the PEBL U6 (called V6 at that time) but it didn't hit the stores due to the easy-to-catch fingerprints thing, and was available in ordinary black, and various “sweet” colors later. After a while, the same glass-finish appeared on the H5 Miniblue Headset, which is still not commercially available.
The KRZR (Crazier) family from Motorola and the K1 – the first GSM phone of the family is combination between this innovative surface and the styles of RAZR, PEBL and earlier Motorola phones. Unlike the RAZR which it inherits, it replaces the boring gray surface with glass-blue one and rounds the corners in the style of the PEBL, but unfortunately adds some thickness to the “ultra-slim” RAZR, fattening it with 2mm from 13.9 to 16, which is 15% increase and puts it out of the “ultra-slim” category, founded by the original RAZR V3.

Our box included only the phone, battery + charger, a case for the phone and a manual.

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