LG Remarq LN240 Review

Introduction and Design
LG Remarq LN240 Release Date - May 9, 2010


Looking to capitalize on Sprint’s recent green accolades, LG is preparing the Remarq LN240 for the carrier.  The LG Remarq LN240 follows on the heels of the successful Samsung Reclaim, but does it follow too closely?  The Remarq uses the same portrait-sliding form-factor as the Reclaim, but the similarities end there.  Whereas the Reclaim is a 3G device, the Remarq is an entry level model that will sell for free and take the spot of the LG Rumor 2.  It has a basic 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion and stereo Bluetooth but little else.  It is, however, 87% recyclable.  Included with the LG Remarq LN240 you’ll simply find an energy efficient microUSB charger.


To say that the Remarq’s design was inspired by Samsung’s Reclaim is putting it mildly.  The dimensions of the two devices are similar, as is the overall layout.  Both feature 262K color QVGA displays, though we measured the Remarq at a slightly smaller 2.4” compared to the Reclaim’s 2.6”. It’s sufficiently crisp though, and for an entry-level model is very good.   We were surprised to learn that the Reclaim is actually the lighter of the two devices; in-hand it does not feel that way.  We attribute this to the solid build and quality materials of the Samsung versus the cheap plastics used by LG.

You can compare the LG Remarq LN240 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The black and turquoise color combination is nearly identical to the Rumor2, but as of now LG has not said that they plan different color schemes as they did with the second Rumor.

The outside button layout mirrors that of the Samsung Reclaim: the 5-way directional pad is circled by a pair of soft keys, Send, End, Back and a dedicated speaker button.  The keys have plenty of tactile feel to them, as does the volume rocker and camera button on the sides of the LG Remarq LN240.  Also along the sides are a 2.5mm headset jack, microSD slot and microUSB charging port.  The back simply houses the camera and speaker, which is cleverly patterned as a leaf.

Sliding the LG Remarq LN240 up reveals a full QWERTY keyboard with surprisingly large keys.  The peach backlighting is a curious decision, blue would have been a much better color, but they are very usable.  The keyboard is the one area where the LG Remarq bests the Samsung Reclaim.  It does have some give to it like we recently saw on the Samsung Strive, but the spacing is better than on the Reclaim and the space bar is larger and slightly offset to the right, making it more natural to use.  With the Reclaim we would often hi the keys adjacent to the space bar, but we had no such issues on the Remarq.

LG Remarq LN240 360 Degrees View:

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