Jabra BT250 review

Jabra BT250 review

 If you liked the Jabra BT200, there is no reason why you should not love its successor - BT250(v). Building on its award winning predecessor, the BT250v has the same design but increased battery life and some added features such as vibration.


  • Bluetooth 1.1 specification
  • Headset and Hands-free profiles
  • Up to 8h talk time
  • Up to 240h stand-by
  • 0.8 oz weight
  • 05 x 2.375 x 4in.
  • Uni-directional microphone
  • Lithium polymer battery

Sales package:

  • BT250 headset
  • 4 Mini-gels (2 standard and 2 small)
  • Charging cradle/belt-clip
  • A/C adapter
  • Manual

Jabra BT250 review
BT250 compared to BT800, Scala-500 and Logitech Mobile Free
Jabra BT250 review


  The BT250v's design is very inconspicuous and most of the headset is concealed behind the user's ear. The headset ends with a Mini-Gel, which goes into the user's ear canal. Such a design helps block ambient noises and also channels the incoming sound directly into your inner ear. The headset comes with several different size Mini-gels to fit different ears. Adjusting the headset for left-right ear is also very easy - just turn the Mini-gel to 180 degrees. A flexible rubber arm connects the ear-piece to the main body which is hidden behind the ear and holds most of the headset's electronics and battery. A rocker switch is used to adjust the volume and a multi-function button are located on the outer side of the headset's main body. The buttons are well spaced out, with good response when pressed.  

Jabra BT250 review
Jabra BT250 review
Jabra BT250 review
BT200 next to BT250
Jabra BT250 review
multi-function button on the left and rocker switch on the right

Since the unit does not contain any moving parts, with the exception of the pivoting Mini-Gel it should be very durable and drop-breaking resistant.



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