HTC Touch Pro Verizon CDMA Review

HTC Touch Pro Verizon CDMA Review
This is our review of the Verizon's HTC Touch Pro CDMA,
if you want to read the review of the Sprint version, please click here.


Verizon has released their variant of HTC’s Touch Pro, a device we first saw with a GSM radio over the summer and which came to Sprint and Alltel a short time ago.  Verizon’s Pro may share the same name as Sprint and Alltel’s model, but they have done more than simply slap their name on it and change the color of the battery door.  Interestingly enough, while it finally carries the HTC name on the box the device remains branded only with the Verizon logo.  This variant is slightly larger than the others, but more importantly Verizon has decreased the RAM.


The original GSM and other CDMA Pros all have slightly rounded corners,with a metal frame.  Verizon’s Pro closer resembles the GSM Diamond’shard lines and sharp corners (as does AT&T’s Pro, the Fuze.)  Thebody has a piano black finish, and the metal frame found on the otherversions is gone.  The battery door is very plain; it is constructed ofthe same piano black plastic and is unlike anything we’ve seen from theTouch series before.  Both the GSM and other CDMA Pros are coated insoft touch paint, which give them a better in-hand feel.  The lack of ametal frame and hard plastic leads to a slick, cheaper feel whencompared to other variants.  While not good, this is less of an issueon the bigger Pro, and would be more apparent if they did it to theDiamond.  Please Verizon, don’t do it to the Diamond!  Overall the feelisn’t quite right, just like we said about the Sprint version thoughfor different reasons.

You can compare HTC Touch Pro CDMA with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The keyboard is also different.  It occupies the same physical space and still offers five rows, but it is short two columns when compared to the other Pros.  This leads to bigger keys, a noticeable change, but also fewer keys.  Each layout has its merits; those with fatter fingers will appreciate it but those who can handle the smaller buttons will miss the extra functionality.  The navigational keys below the screen remain the same in function, but the send and end keys have been painted green and red which does not mesh well aesthetically.  The d-pad sits relatively flush, as opposed to the Sprint’s which has some relief around it making the touch scrolling more comfortable and natural.

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27. bdizzah

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 22, 2008

Two conflicting ideas on this, big Red above states that they have partitioned of 96 megs for graphical rendering (which would make the available ram 192 as stated on both the vzw site as well as htc's page). If this is the case, then why would this run slower than the sprint or at&t model. i was, and still am, very intersted in this handset. I would just like to know if this is just a case of verizon hating (there is alot of it on alot of these boards) or is this phone really that bad. i was told by a rep instore to go for the Omnia over this phone, but just want to know the general feelings on actual owners. seeing how this dude sent his back after four days, i was wondering if anyone is actually happy with this handset.

22. viper3two

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

I had never been so pissed at VZW for doing this. I waited months for this phone, been reading all the reviews/specs/sites about it, and even stayed up till 2 am the day it was avail on the site to order it. It went back in 4 DAYS. I cannot believe that VZW has the nerve to cripple the hardware in such a beautiful phone, then charge 50 bux more than the competition for it. It was practically USELESS the way it lagged and would not respond to anything. It was not a buggy phone, this was due to the VERY LOW memory spec that VZW ordered it from HTC. I agree, if I were HTC I would offer only 288mb, take it or leave it. Whoever the execs are at VZW that made this decision to make some money have got to be about the dumbest people I have ever heard of. What retards.

15. cartman unregistered

This is one example I can rant on: As to your ferrari comparison, it is more like a ferrari appearance on the outside, only to find all the shiny looking items to be plastic, and as if the engine is from some cheap a__ car from a geo. So yea, how can the *fanboys* defend this strip down of a perfectly good piece of hardware? Low RAM, Locked GPS, No Youtube player (and btw, Google Maps tops everything, good thing you can use that on Sprint), I wonder if they took out the accelerometer too. Also, with $420, I can go get a fuze, and still have money left for a latte. Or, the G1 unlocked.

17. unregistered

I have no defense. its lame and its bs. bad move by vzw. but on the bright side the omnia is awesome =/

19. primewax unregistered

I usually defend the company when their decisions make sense. This one does not. Its really lame :(

20. unregistered

I agree... this device is a waste of time and money for vzw. The teeter game is still in place and is the only thing that stayed. I currently have a 6900 with manila 2d, which is the TF2D hacked from the opal running which is installed as a cab file on my device and it runs better than the TF3D on the VZW Touch "Slow." If you want this phone for TF3D don't get it. Buy a 6900 or an omnia and install TF2D on it. It will get the flair that HTC brings to WinMo without the junk that VZW advised HTC to build for this model. Seriously the omnia rules. Search YouTube for OMNIA M2D.

14. unregistered

Start, Settings, Today, Items Tab. Check the TF3d box and exit out of the menus. It will take a second to loadl.

12. unregistered

I was trying to activate the TF3D interface in the store demo Because AI wanted to try it, but couldn't do it. Can someone tell me how to get it running?

26. Big Red

Posts: 101; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

It is in the "today" menu under settings.

10. unregistered

And this is why I got the Fuze instead of this. Programs load quick and it never lags when using TouchFLO.

25. Big Red

Posts: 101; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

What happens when you try to load a web page? Thank god for Wifi.

6. unregistered

This article lies about the RAM. HTC has officially stated to verizon that its 288mbs of ram. The Tech Refrences and device specs all state 288mb of ram. So either you guys have reviewed a defective model, HTC is lying to Verizon Wireless, or your review is deliberately Misleading your audiance.

7. unregistered

You're an idiot, every single review out there states the same thing and for good reason. Hell, they even have a screenshot showing only 113MB of RAM.

8. unregistered


9. unregistered

verizon officially says it has 192mb

13. DeeBee unregistered

Yep, still crippled :) Big Red have to stop doing this...

18. vzw fanman unregistered

i dont understand why verizon wont listen to people and stop "crippling" their phones, compared to other carriers. what keeps driving verizon to "cripple" their phones?

24. Big Red

Posts: 101; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

It is 288. 96 megs are partitioned and used exclusively for graphics. Therefore they cannot be counted with the general ram

5. David the Gom unregistered

The only reason i can think why vzw screwed up this phone is to sell more BB storm... in US, vzw has some exclusivity (not sure about the spelling, but whatever..) on storm and if they can't sell a set amount of them they'll not be the exclusive carrier for storm in US... so i think that's why they screwed up touch pro... why vzw!!! why!!!

11. unregistered

then how do you explain the omnia being a freakin tank?

2. Esa unregistered

VZW screws up again!

1. unregistered

Yeah I dont understand why they decided to reduce the memory and change the phone. what was the benefit of that? to make it cheaper to produce? It seems to still be a good phone but its disappointing.

3. unregistered

nobody knows

4. unregistered

reduce production costs, strip features, reduce functionality, charge more. its the network!

16. cartman unregistered

total bs it still costs more than other carriers, who actually left the better part alone. what's the point of the network if you cant use it to the fullest extent? [i'm also guessing they count other roaming-agreement towers as part of their network]

21. unregistered

by making the phone different from the Sprint version, it would actually cost more to manufacture. Verizon should have NO control over smartphones. HTC should offer Verizon its phones, and Verizon should accept it the way they were designed. Obviously, HTC didn't make this phone weaker on purpose, they were forced to.

23. Big Red

Posts: 101; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

Do your research before making unsubstantiated claims about this phone. Have any of you even held one? Lets start at the top by clearing up the main gripes I have been reading about: Accelleromiter - present. Radio - never had one to cripple in the first place, so stop saying it was crippled. Memory - VZW partitioned 96 megs from the ram to be dedicated to graphics. This IMPROVES the speed of the phone. GPS - locked to VZnav for now, the upcoming VZW update unlocks it, so hold tight. As for the competition, come on. The Fuze? Really? You call the VZW pro crippled? Why did AT&T cripple their network? Where is all that "fastest 3G" they keep saying they have!? Edge? Wow.
Touch Pro CDMA - Verizon
  • Display 2.8 inches
    640 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP (Single camera)
  • Hardware , 0.2GB RAM
  • Storage , microSDHC
  • Battery 1340 mAh
  • OS Windows Mobile Professional 6.1

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