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HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s


HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s
HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s

Shopping for a new smartphone is an experience in itself, one that requires ample time researching before heading off to a carrier store, seeing that the decisive purchase will ultimately mean you’ll be stuck with a particular phone for the next couple of years. When entering a store, one can be overwhelmed by the amount of models being offered. Of course, we have a natural tendency to be attracted instantly to a handset that has a design that’s stylish, hip, and premium.

Few companies hit all of those elements in one fell swoop with their handsets, especially in just a single model, but two specific companies come to mind – Apple and HTC. Through the years, they’ve been two of the biggest names to deliver the goods when it comes to product designs. Apple, of course, always has a strong contender with its iPhone, one that’s striking for its compact size and iconic looks. On the flip side, Taiwan based HTC also takes pride in design too, which is evident by just looking at the handful of devices in its portfolio from the last couple of years.

Even though it’s just arriving onto the scene, the HTC One M8 burst out of the gate with guns blazing with its immaculate design – one that’s arguably more impressive than the iPhone 5s. However, in order to determine which handset is the superior one, we’ll need to pit the two flagship smartphones against one another in all relevant categories. Having good looks is advantageous in reeling people in from the onset, but it takes a balanced portfolio to really make a long lasting impression.


Without question, premium is the name of the game with these two delicious devices – more so when they employ high-quality materials with their casings. We can argue, however, that the designs are generally familiar ones that borrow heavily from their respective predecessors. Despite that, it’s the HTC One M8 that shows us that it’s the more striking phone. Even though they rely on a casing comprised out of brushed aluminum, we like how there’s more of it in the HTC One M8, especially when it wraps around from edge-to-edge. On top of that, it has more of a profound metallic-look, in comparison to the slightly more subdued tone of the iPhone 5s.

As much as our eyes are instantly glued to the outstanding design of the HTC One M8, the iPhone 5s’ smaller footprint makes it the easier handset to grasp in the hand. Its size is what undoubtedly drives the point home, since it’s just more conforming in the hand – in comparison to the gigantic size of its rival. Still, it all depends on the individual, as those with larger hands will probably find the HTC One M8’s size more fitting.

Interestingly enough, they both share similar placements with the physical controls and ports around their trims. Although HTC improved the feel and feedbacks of its power button and volume control, the iPhone 5s’ set are even more distinct to the touch, and springier in response. Each of them has something unique that the other lacks. For example, the iPhone 5s has a biometric Touch ID finger print sensor used to unlock the phone with our fingerprint. Meanwhile, the HTC One M8 bears an IR blaster to make it double as a universal remote, a secondary rear camera to capture depth information, and a microSD card slot for memory expansion.

HTC One (M8)
5.76 x 2.78 x 0.37 inches
146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm
5.64 oz (160 g)

HTC One (M8)

Apple iPhone 5s
4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches
123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
3.95 oz (112 g)

Apple iPhone 5s

To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.


Similar to how there’s a lot of love focused into their designs, we continue to see the same trend with their respective displays. The HTC One M8 features a 5-inch 1080 x 1920 Super-LCD 3 display, while the iPhone 5s has a 4-inch 640 x 1136 Retina display. Performing the calculations, the HTC One M8 grabs the higher pixel density figure, 441 ppi, besting the 326 ppi mark of the iPhone 5s. Needless to say, numbers on paper might have some leverage, but our eyes show us the greater degree of superiority with the HTC One M8’s display, seeing that it’s sharper and more detailed. Obviously, it’s most clearly evident when looking at the two closely, but it’s hard to differentiate it from a distance away.

Relying on good old LCD technology, they boast similar elements – like their good outdoor visibility and accurate color reproduction. Indeed, their displays are more than visible to the eye under direct sunlight, but we can recognize the brighter glow of the iPhone 5s display (587s nits versus 490 nits). At the same time, they produce some accurate looking colors, but the One is slightly more saturated, making it pop at the cost of being natural. White point is similar, where the HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s displays have a color temperature of ~7182 and ~7144 respectively.

Concrete numbers can only go so far to tell us which of the two has the superior display, however, it’s what our eyes actually see that makes the final determination. Taking that into consideration, the HTC One M8’s display has the goods and arsenal to make it the more attractive display. It might not beat the iPhone 5s in all areas, but heck, it’s one fine looking display.

Display measurements and quality

Maximum brightness (nits)Higher is better Minimum brightness (nits)Lower is better Contrast Higher is better Color temperature (Kelvins) Gamma Delta E rgbcmy Lower is better Delta E grayscale Lower is better
HTC One (M8) 490
Apple iPhone 5s 587
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posted on 01 Apr 2014, 04:57 4

1. Planterz (Posts: 2110; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

H1 Hummver vs Jeep Wrangler. Both are capable, but one is obviously WAY larger than the other. Kind of a pointless comparison, IMO.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 06:50 5

10. fireblade (Posts: 717; Member since: 27 Dec 2013)

Nah, it's comparing real smartphone with overpriced tiny toy phone with monstrous bezel. Retina display is outdated

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 19:35 3

33. LionStone (Posts: 849; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

Superphone vs smartphone... We know which one is the Superphone.

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 17:43 3

38. Kakarotto (Posts: 254; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

There is not such thing as "Retina". This term is a marketing bullsheet by Apple at it's finest. This is nothing more than ordinary LCD IPS panel with high pixel density. So please stop with this iCrap.

posted on 05 Apr 2014, 19:54

44. KingaSpades (Posts: 45; Member since: 04 Nov 2013)

You sound like an ignorant fanboy. I hope that was your plan.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 07:07 1

12. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

NO, there is a point.
They are fighting for bezels. Top-down-side bezels bezels bezels.... :P

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 05:02 2

2. Diezparda (Posts: 891; Member since: 23 Oct 2013)

dat aluminum body covering front speaker on m8 was lovely, if only they would trim the bezel even more and add the screen size of course. Compared to m8 iphone 5s look less luxury and so puny.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 05:27 1

4. Dthawk (Posts: 42; Member since: 11 Feb 2014)

Battery life trumps camera.

posted on 05 Apr 2014, 19:55 1

45. KingaSpades (Posts: 45; Member since: 04 Nov 2013)

Only someone with a terrible camera would say that.

posted on 06 Apr 2014, 06:24

50. Dthawk (Posts: 42; Member since: 11 Feb 2014)

I'm not even gonna argue with you because you're right.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 05:42 2

5. jeeta444 (Posts: 154; Member since: 24 Mar 2014)

bottom bezel of one m8 is too big..and the device itself is too big for a 5" screen.....and the 4mp cam is already beaten by 2013 devices...ultrapixel cam is very bad in results........and don't know they are still using 2gb ddr2 ram....1year old xperia Z have 2gb ddr2 ram....htc is using old tech while price of one m8 is very high.....

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 05:48 1

6. royalsovereign (Posts: 37; Member since: 01 Mar 2014)

They are in bad situation so they want to make a low cost phone but sell it with high price,to cover their financial troubles.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 06:15 2

7. Martin_Cooper (Posts: 1615; Member since: 30 Jul 2013)

Sounds like you talking about Samsung besided the part thats in trouble. Cause that S5 costs definetly less than the M8. And since you are clueless let me remind you how much harder, how much effort and money it has to be spent to make a unibody aluminium phone thats 90% aluminium and still has great signal strength. I cant deniy it, S5 has better camera. Beside that, the M8 is so much better and nicer in many of other departments.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:19 1

17. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

Lol what are you basing this on? If anything the GS5 would cost way more if they didn't manufacture their own parts. The GS5 screen is more expensive, the CPU slightly more expensive, camera, ram, battery etc you name it. Heart rate monitor and fingerprint sensors can't be that cheap either.

Yes the process of machining aluminum might be more costly but you don't know that for sure.

So the facts say the GS5 is more expensive actually.

You HTC homers are hilarious.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:58 2

21. papss (unregistered)

Wait.. are you not assuming on the cost of the S5 too? Taters are funny

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 10:27 2

25. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

No not all. AMOLED are pricier to manufacture than lcds. And Qualcomm doesn't sell you higher specked CPU's at lower costs.

Those are called facts. Idiot.

Unlike you stupid HTC fans, I don't assume and make shit up to suit my biases.

And if you learn how to read and comprehend sentences you would see that I said i"if anything" which signifies speculation. While your HTC fan boy buddy said "definitely" which signifies a fact.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 12:28

27. AU-1999 (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Apr 2014)

Samsung process to make the Galaxy S5 cost less than HTC One M8's process! It's extrem hard to make the hardware into a aluminium body than click a plastic cover on some other plastic.

Else it really poor of Samsung to make a device there cost a lot to, but feels like a low device! - But you like it I see

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 13:49

29. papss (unregistered)

Wow dude now I'm an idiot and HTC fan? typically I'm neither but more of a wp fanboy so another inaccurate comment by the tater

posted on 08 Apr 2014, 15:00

54. AU-1999 (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Apr 2014)

Did you ever think about to go to Android? :P It's like to get an amazing new life. You should test it :)

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 07:44 1

14. true1984 (Posts: 830; Member since: 23 May 2012)

the m8 has ddr3 ram not ddr2.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:15

16. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

It has DDR2 in at least one country. At least according to the box that was leaked earlier. Not sure who I would trust more between the box and Anandtech. Someone could have just assumed. Not sure which side though.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:41 2

19. CanYouSeeTheLight (Posts: 1122; Member since: 05 Jul 2012)

No it doesn't, the box that leaked was a Verizon unit box. It has DDR3 stop spreading false information.


Skip to 1:35 with the video in HD and you should see it.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:58

20. true1984 (Posts: 830; Member since: 23 May 2012)

mine didnt say ddr2, it just said 2gigs of ram. which box said ddr2?

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 08:59

22. papss (unregistered)

It's ddr3... He has his fanboy goggles on

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 10:25

24. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

Nothing fanboy about it. There was a box leak that said DDR2. Like I said, it could have been a typo but HTC has been known to skimp on ran to cut costs, case in point. The M7.

All facts like I always go by unlike fan girls like you....

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 12:20 3

26. AU-1999 (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Apr 2014)

Yeah, like Samsung your fa*get!!

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 13:50 2

30. papss (unregistered)

Again I'm no HTC fanboy.. you sure act tough behind the internet

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 14:19 2

31. janis (Posts: 372; Member since: 10 Mar 2014)

u guys still doing reviews without phone?
i am using this phone since launch day, its a mazing divece, battery is improved so much, it is going 3 days for me.

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 14:31 1

32. papss (unregistered)

If you are talking about the m8 then I agree.. it's got amazing battery life.. heavy user and I'm at around 70% life left for the day..

posted on 01 Apr 2014, 06:39 3

8. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3689; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

The funny thing is all z1 reviews back in october complained about dat bezels but same didnt apply to m8 especially surprised from gsmarena.

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