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Apple iPhone 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4



Well this should be a familiar comparison! On one side of the ring, we have the almighty Samsung Galaxy S4, the Android smartphone that’s arguably the best that the platform has to offer. And on the other side, we have the refreshed version of the iPhone 5 – what we know now as the iPhone 5c. Indeed, it’s regarded as a mid-ranger due to its price point, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own ground against the more aggressive offering of the Galaxy S4. New body, same old hardware from before, so let’s find out how the iPhone 5c stacks up against the Galaxy S4!


Hey-hey! Would you look at that? We’re dealing with plastic phones here, which is something rather surprising for an iPhone – albeit, it’s not the first time. Nonetheless, it’s a tough decision determining which of the two has the more attractive design. For starters, the two handsets are available in a variety of colors, but the iPhone 5c is dabbed in brighter colors that definitely stand out more in a crowd than the darker toned hues that are available with the Galaxy S4.

When it comes to the in-the-hand feel, the iPhone 5c feels a smidgen more comfortable, mainly because of its smaller footprint. Still, the Galaxy S4 feels pretty good in the hand too, aside from its beefier size, as its curved edges, streamlined figure, and light weight feel all come together to give it a natural feel.
Plastic isn’t the most premium material used by smartphones nowadays, but between these two, the iPhone 5c’s closed design evokes the sturdier construction. In contrast, there are seams and some hollowness attached to the Galaxy S4. At the end of the day, the two look equally appealing to the eye depending on the individual. If it weren’t for the bright color options that are available with the iPhone 5c, it would come off nothing more than bland in this comparison.

To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.


The 4-inch 640 x 1136 Retina Display of the iPhone 5c isn’t anything new in the space, especially when it’s the same one used by last year’s iPhone 5, so it doesn’t have the goods to take our eyes away from the 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy S4. Although the pixel density advantage goes to the Galaxy S4, it’s only noticeable from a very close up view – so it’s negligible from a normal viewing distance.

Naturally, there are strengths with the two displays. For example, the iPhone 5c’s Retina Display produces very accurate colors and offers the superior outdoor visibility. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S4 has that wow factor thanks to its vibrant (but inaccurate) color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and deep black color – though, its screen is harder to view outdoors with the sun present.

Putting the two side-by-side to one another, we can’t help being more attracted to the sharp display of the Galaxy S4. Not only is it exquisitely detailed, but its iridescent glow really helps to give it a more profound look than the iPhone 5c’s display. Oh yeah, the Galaxy S4 has the ability to track our finger as we hover it over the display.

Apple iPhone 5c 360-Degrees View

Samsung Galaxy S4 360-Degrees View


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