YouTube Music, Premium launches annual subscription

YouTube Music launches annual subscription
Google has long been offering YouTube Premium and YouTube Music monthly account memberships, where users can subscribe and pay every month for access to millions of songs and videos for ad-free viewing and downloading.

As of today, YouTube is officially rolling out a new subscription option to users across the board of both these paid YouTube services. In addition to monthly subscriptions, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music will now also offer subscriptions on a yearly basis, which will end up saving long-term users a good bit of money in the long run.

So, how much money will the new annual subscription actually save you, compared to a monthly plan? Turns out, as part of the initial launch hype, Google is offering a limited-time discounted price, which will last for 6 days before it expires. 

The limited-time deal on a yearly YouTube Premium/Music subscription will last until January 13.

Only until January 13, new users can benefit from an annual YouTube Premium plan priced at $107.99. Compared to the $11.99-per-month regular price, it offers a savings total of $3 per month, adding up to $36 of savings over 12 months. 

The YouTube Music yearly plan is slightly cheaper, coming in at $89.99 each year, or $2.50 less per month than the monthly subscription (for annual savings of $30).

After the offer expires on January 13, we expect users can still enjoy decent rates for the yearly plan, but they will more than likely be less cost-effective than the current prices.

It's a little trickier for current subscribers, though.

Keep in mind that if you're already subscribed to a monthly YouTube Premium/Music plan, though, you can't just switch to the yearly subscription. You'd have to completely cancel your current plan, and then re-sign up to the new one. It's definitely a slightly more time-consuming process, but still definitely worth considering.

It should be noted that the yearly subscription plan is currently only available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, India, and Japan.

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