YouTube Music sends an ominous notification that forebodes an unwanted change

YouTube Music sends an ominous notification that forebodes an unwanted change
So, picture this: you are chilling with your smartphone, which is one of the best phones around, because you are just stylish like that. Your phone is new, so you trust that it can stay safe from malware on its own.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, YouTube Music — which you’ve got installed on your smartphone — rings you up with a notification, stating:

Your preview ends soon

What is a preview? Is your subscription ending early because of some sort of change in recurring payment dates?! Did YouTube Music try to charge you without any valid reason?! How many paid days of service did you lose because of this?

Or did Google make an oopsie and send possibly thousands of users a false notification, alarming them for no reason? Spoilers: Yes. Yes it did. 

As 9to5Google details, Google somehow sent a notification to existing premium YouTube subscribers, both on iOS and Android. Given that the app has more than 80 million active subscribers worldwide, we can only hope that it wasn’t sent out to all of them.

When the notification was selected, it led users to the “Get Music Premium” page, which is precisely where users could confirm their subscription status. And in most cases, the page absolutely confirmed that everything was in order. If users select their profile from the top left, they could also verify their billing date too, just in case. And guess what: it was not changed. 

As of now, the Big G hasn’t commented on the situation, but we’re likely to not get any comment at all. This was probably just a minor mishap with a major impact, though little consequence. Or a test for en-masse notifications, which was triggered in a very wrong, yet slightly amusing way.

Either way, after you check and verify that your YouTube Music subscription is properly set up, you shouldn’t have anything else to worry about. Unless your phone is haunted, in which case you should check this guide to see if it's safe to dip in holy water.

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