YouTube’s latest new feature lets creators dub their videos

YouTube’s latest new feature lets creators dub their videos
YouTube is back in the news with yet another set of important new features meant to help creators tap into more audiences. During its Made On YouTube event, the company announced several new tools that are coming soon to users and creators alike, including a couple of AI-powered features like Aloud and Dream Screen.

Teased a few months ago during the VidCon event, Aloud does exactly what the title says: it lets creators dub their videos. This means that these videos that use YouTube’s new AI-powered dubbing tool will reach audiences globally, thus helping creators open up their content to viewers across the world.

Besides Aloud, YouTube announced a handful of new AI-powered features coming to its video-sharing platform sooner or later. Dream Screen is an experimental feature that lets creators “dream up” AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their YouTube Shorts.

We’ve already reported about YouTube Create, a new mobile app that’s currently available in beta on Android devices in select markets. The free app can be used to make Shorts or longer videos, allowing creators to edit, soundtrack, add captions and more directly from their mobile phones.

AI Insights is another useful tool designed to outline suggestions based on what a creator’s audience is already watching on YouTube. According to YouTube, more than 70 percent of those surveyed during the feature’s testing said that it’s very helpful.

Last but not least, Assistive Search is another interesting tool that allows YouTube creators to search for a soundtrack for their videos by typing in a description of their content. Since this is powered by AI, the feature will automatically suggest what it believes it’s the right music for a specific video.

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