YouTube could soon let you upload your own video playlist covers

YouTube could soon let you upload your own video playlist covers
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Google may be rolling out a new feature for YouTube that will allow users to upload custom thumbnails for their video playlists. This update was discovered by breaking down the code in the latest YouTube for Android beta (v19.26.33), where references to a "custom thumbnail for a playlist" were found, along with new error messages related to uploading playlist covers.

Currently, the thumbnail for a YouTube playlist is automatically set to the thumbnail of the first video in the playlist. While users can change this to another video within the playlist, there is no option to upload a completely custom image. This limitation has been a source of frustration for some users who want more control over the visual presentation of their playlists.

The ability to upload custom thumbnails for playlists would be a welcome addition for many YouTube users. It would give them more creative freedom and allow them to better express themselves through their playlists. For example, a user could create a custom thumbnail that reflects the theme of their playlist or showcases the most visually appealing moment from one of the videos.

This update would also be beneficial for content creators who use playlists to organize their videos. Custom thumbnails would make it easier for viewers to identify and navigate through a creator's content, potentially leading to increased engagement and viewership.

It's unclear when this feature will be officially rolled out to all users, but it's a promising development for those who want more control over their YouTube experience. One thing that is sorely missing right now from YouTube is the ability to upload your own thumbnail for Shorts when using the web app. However, uou are able to select from an existing frame in the video when uploading the video on mobile. Although not necessarily the same thing, it's good to see YouTube tackling some of these personalization features and hopefully we get more of that in the future.

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