Your Google reviews now have a public face with a new profile page

Your Google reviews now have a public face with a new profile page
Back in 2017, Google let users in India start posting movie reviews. Fast forward a few years, and now everyone around the world can chime in. But now, Google’s shaking things up with how your reviews will be shown.

Google is rolling out public, searchable profiles in Search

Google is starting to put all your reviews in one place. Whether it is movies, TV shows, books, albums, or games, you will now have a profile page where all your reviews and Search notes are gathered together.

Google's been teasing this update for a while, and now it is here. Starting June 24, your profile page will go live. You should get a pop-up letting you know that if your name pops up in public reviews or Search notes, other users can click on your profile and see all your reviews in one place.

By default, Google has set all profiles to public. So, if you haven't noticed or checked your Gmail spam or updates folder for Google's emails, your reviews profile will now be visible to everyone.

You do have the option to keep your profile private, though it seems that the controls for this feature are currently available only to some users. If you have access to these controls, here is how you can make your profile private:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the three-dot menu next to your profile name
  3. Choose Profile options
  4. Toggle on the Profile privacy setting

Even if you set your profile to private, your individual reviews will still appear under a movie or TV show title. However, they won't be linked to a page showing all of your reviews. Plus, it is worth noting that your Google Maps reviews aren't part of this new profile page (at least for now).

Profiles offer a convenient way for users to centralize and manage their reviews, making them more accessible and beneficial for others. Yet, they also raise potential worries about users being categorized and identified based on their personal tastes and opinions. 

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