The world's first foldable iPhone is real (kind of) and it actually works (not for long)

The world's first foldable iPhone is real (kind of) and it actually works (not for long)
Are foldable devices the saving grace of an otherwise stagnant mobile industry as far as both sales and actual innovation are concerned? Nearly all of the world's top smartphone vendors seem to think so, putting more and more effort into making foldables appeal to the masses with refined designs, improved durability, and lower prices.

The big holdout, of course, remains Apple, which reportedly plans to release its first (potentially wildly overpriced) foldable iPad no earlier than 2024, followed by a rookie foldable handset effort... even further down the line.

But you don't need to wait three or four more years to envision a mouth-watering iPhone Fold (or Flip), especially after two random dudes over in China made such a device happen and filmed themselves in the process for the whole world to see.

Said incredibly challenging, convoluted, and yes, costly process took a grand total of over 200 days (!!!), involving no less than 37 different screens (most of which ended up cracked or absolutely shattered) and an intricate combination of original iPhone components and custom-made parts designed to fit into the modified body of a 2019 Motorola Razr.

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The end result of this herculean effort is surprisingly functional and natural-looking... for what's essentially a Frankensteinian monster that you'd have probably never expected to come to life for even a split second.

While the Chinese YouTuber and evidently immensely talented engineer behind this wild project admits his frustration with the many failings during the "iPhone V" preparation pushed him on the verge of quitting multiple times, the device is an undeniable success despite its very obvious flaws.

Does the "world's first foldable iPhone" bend as naturally as a Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Absolutely not. Will it survive daily unfolding and folding action for a reasonable amount of time? We highly doubt that given all of the work that went into making an actual commercial iPhone display fold in the first place, which clearly had an adverse effect on its durability. 

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To paraphrase the great philosopher Jeff Goldblum, these impressively resourceful guys were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should. Of course, much like the original "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs, this foldable iPhone X/Motorola Razr hybrid looks far too cool to consider things like utility or common sense.

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