WhatsApp CEO: Don't use Telegram!

WhatsApp CEO: Don't use Telegram!
Well, the chat app wars are raging, and the latest strike comes from Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp at Meta. In a rapid-fire style series of tweets, Cathcart mounts some serious attacks, calling Telegram "Russian spyware," and urging people not to use it.

This war is a long-standing one, and it dates way back in time, but the latest point of discussion seems to be end-to-end encryption. Cathcart referred to an article by Wired and his own critique of Telegram's implementation of end-to-end encryption (E2EE), pointing out that it has not been verified independently. Additionally, Cathcart noted other weaknesses in the E2EE implementation, such as the fact that it is not enabled by default and is not available for group chats.

"Telegram lacks real transparency most technology companies have adopted. "In many cases, it’s impossible to tell what’s really happening…whether spyware or Kremlin informants have been used to break in."

You can jump to Twitter and "enjoy" the whole show (with or without popcorn), but it's safe to say that there are always two sides to every story. WhatsApp has been criticized for backing up chats to Google Drive and effectively giving government agencies the means to warrant out any information through Google.

Cathcart rounds up his attack with some "friendly" advice for people who don't want to use WhatsApp for some reason. "Don't use Telegram!" WhatsApp's head doesn't list any alternatives, but experts in the industry think that Signal is the most secure option at the moment.

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