What do you plan on buying on Black Friday 2020?

What do you plan on buying on Black Friday 2020?
Summer is slowly withering away but with the fast-approaching equinox and beginning of Autumn, we shift our mindset to shopping mode. There are various shopping events happening between now and Christmas, Black Friday being the climax of them all. This time we won’t try to give buying advice but rather ask you about your buying plans. We’re genuinely interested in people’s tech needs in this fast-paced world in order to stay in touch with reality.

Maybe you need that 8K TV set and plan to enter the ultra-high resolution age? Or you plan on buying a new console to be prepared for any potential lockdowns this Autumn? Smartphones are always in fashion technology-wise and with the new Note 20 series already here, and the iPhone 12 announcement closing in, there are great choices in that field as well. Maybe you want to smarten your home up? Whichever it is, we want to know! Surprise us in the poll below.

What do you plan on buying on Black Friday 2020?

I need a new smartphone (Apple vs Samsung - fight!)
I want a smartwatch/fitness tracker - let's break some sweat!
Maybe a new tablet or a laptop, you know, for school (wink)
I'm buying a big-ass TV set! (Super Bowl-ready)
I can't wait for that PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X console (or that sweet Nvidia RTX 3000 for that matter - PC master race!)
I'll indulge my ears with a new Hi-Fi system/Headphones
I'll make my home a sci-fi dream (Smart Home gadgets)
I'm getting a good digital camera (my Instagram needs it!)
Kitchen appliances make life easier (I'm a master chef!)
I've never ever piloted a drone... yet!
I'm going all-electric mobility-wise (electric scooters are the future! (too poor to buy a Tesla))
I'm getting something entirely different! (this poll is boring)

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