Vodafone launches Business Pro II, broadband made for small businesses

Vodafone launches Business Pro II, broadband made for small businesses
If you have a small business in the UK and need a new broadband connection, you might want to check out Vodafone's latest offering. As the mobile operator announced in a blog post, it has launched a new broadband service called Business Pro II.

Depending on the tariff, Business Pro II comes with average download speeds ranging from 67Mbps to 900Mbps. It starts at £32.50 a month — for the 67Mbp plan — and can go up to £53.50 — for the 900Mbps tier. Business Pro II customers also receive free unlimited landline and mobile calls, 4G backup, and Wi-Fi support from technical experts.

Something that distinguishes the Business Pro II from the rest of Vodafone's business broadband options is that it comes with Vodafone's Ultra Hub router and Super Wi-Fi 6E Booster — a device you can use to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones.

Both the router and the booster support the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology and let you connect over 150 devices simultaneously. Wi-Fi 6E offers faster speeds, and since devices that support it utilize the still-uncongested 6GHz frequency, you should also have a more reliable connection with less interference when using Vodafone's Ultra Hub router and Super WiFi 6E Booster.

Only new and existing small business customers with between one and nine employees can sign up for Vodafone's Business Pro II broadband. If your company is eligible and you want to get Business Pro II broadband, dial 191 from your Vodafone mobile, go to a retail store, or visit Vodafone's official website.

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