Your Verizon Call Filter incoming will now be labelled so you know it's the doctor

Your Verizon Call Filter incoming will soon be labelled by importance
Verizon will be enhancing its Call Filter spam robocalls protection by starting to label unknown callers by importance, i.e. recognizing whether the caller is a health institution, for instance, or a public service, so you can decide quicker whether to pick up.

According to Big Red, its Call Filter system has been able to identify 2.5 billion unsanctioned calls and block robocalls for more than ten times that amount in just the May-June period with the use of the STIR/SHAKEN system, as well as the Call Filter and other tools.

How to stop robocalls on Verizon

Still, spam and robocalls are pretty much a problem that the carriers have to fight on a daily basis, so Verizon has a number of advices to dole out for those who want to crack down on their unsanctioned incoming calls amount:

How to block spam texts and robocalls on Verizon

  • Don’t respond to unwanted/suspicious texts. (Not even to say STOP).
  • Report spammers to Verizon.
  • Filter potential spam texts and robocalls with tools like Call Filter.
  • Block specific spammers in your My Verizon account.

How to report spam texts and robocalls

  • Forward spam texts to Verizon right away at S-P-A-M (7726)
  • Report the text to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Use the free Call Filter app to report a number as spam

Verizon's Call Filter option comes free with its unlimited 5G plans, but if you want to upgrade to the Premium Call Filter option, it costs $2.99 a month for a single line, or $7.99 for three or more lines.

When it comes to unwanted text messages, Verizon says that it requires "all organizations to comply with industry guidelines that, among other things, require organizations to obtain consent prior to sending texts as well as to honor opt-out requests" as a way to block the proliferation of unsanctioned texts that are a growing nuisance.

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