Best Sky Mobile phone deals

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Best Sky Mobile phone deals
Sky Mobile is a smaller, nimbler mobile virtual operator (MVNO) piggybacking on the O2 carrier's 4G and 5G network. That means that Sky is benefiting from the same 99% UK coverage that O2 claims. What Sky brings to the table, however, are very appealing deals.

Speed-wise, however, Sky has been shown to not be among the best in the UK, as an OpenSignal measure in 2020 resulted only in 18.2Mb. Despite that, O2 is one of the fastest networks out there, which should generally mean that Sky Mobile can offer good speeds too.

Besides its mobile network, the company also provides TV and landline packages, as well as broadband internet. In general, subscribers to any one of Sky's services also have the option to sign up for another at a special deal. For example, if you are already on Sky's mobile network, then you can get a discount on Sky TV, making this virtual operator a great place to go to if you want more affordable prices.

When it comes to Sky Mobile's contracts, they are pretty simple to wrap your head around. First of all, each one comes with unlimited texts and calls, including rollover data. There is a 24 and 30 months contract plans that pay monthly, as well as a 12-month one that is SIM-only.

But what is rollover data you might ask? Well, simply put, it is whatever data you have not used up throughout the month that piles up each time. In other words, if you don't use all of your data for the month, you will have more available for the next. This is one of the best features that Sky offers to its customers. To throw a little more in the mix, you also don't lose any data when using any of the network's apps like Sky Go, for example.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a phone from Sky outright, rather, you have to pay it off monthly. Also, there are no refurbished handsets to choose from, only brand new ones.

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As a telecom subsidiary of United Kingdom's largest pay-TV broadcaster, Sky has plenty of reach and clout to offer you some unbeatable cell phone deals that put the big carriers to shame. You can check the best Sky phone deals below:

Sky phone deals right now

At first glance, Sky's looks like it is the cheaper option when compared to its main competitor, Three. The catch here is that you are signing not a one, not a two, but a three-year contract with the provider. The pay-off is that you can snatch some of the best phones that are currently out at a much lower price!

A nice perk is that after 24 months you can swap the phone for a new one at no extra cost. Sky covers a very eclectic mix of phones, too, from the Fairphone, to Nokias.

It's worth pointing out that all of Sky's plans include unlimited calls and texts.

Best iPhone deals on Sky

If you go for a 75GB data plan when purchasing one of these iPhones from Sky right now, you will get a significant discount. There is also an offer for the 20GB data plan, if you think 75GB is more than you need.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: save £360 with Sky's 75GB data plan

You can save as much as £360 if you decide to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 75GB data plan from Sky right now! This will cost you just £37 a month for 2 years for the 128GB model.

iPhone 14: get it with a 75GB data plan and save £360!

Sky is giving you the iPhone 14 with 75GB worth of data for £360 less than the usual price! This is a 24-month contract for the 128GB model with no upfront cost.

iPhone 14 Plus: It can be yours with a 75GB data plan for £360 less!

You will get a £360 discount on the iPhone 14 Plus from Sky if you go for the 75GB data plan. This is for the 128GB version of the phone with no upfront cost.

Apple iPhone 13 : Save £144 when you pair with a 30GB data plan

You can get the iPhone 13 for some good money at Sky if 30GB of data is enough to cover your needs.

Best Samsung phone deals on Sky

There are large discounts on Samsung phones at Sky at the moment depending on which data plan you go for. Some of these even come with a free pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro! The new Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5G are both enjoying some nice deals at Sky too.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: buy it from Sky and save £360 with their 75GB data plan

You can have the 128GB Galaxy Z Flip4 for £360 if you get on Sky's 75GB data plan right now. This is for the 128GB model with £36 upfront cost.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: save £432 with Sky's 75GB data plan!

Sky has increased the monthly payment for the Galaxy S23 Ultra this month, but there is still a great £432 discount if you go for the 75GB data plan. This is for the 256GB model.

Samsung Galaxy S23: Save £360 if you buy it with a 75GB data plan from Sky!

You also get a free pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro, on top of the massive discount!

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G: Buy it from Sky now and get a free pair of Galaxy Buds2!

The brand new entry-level mid-ranger from Samsung can be yours with a really nice gift from Sky!

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: Now for just £17 a month!

Get the latest mid-range winner from Samsung with a pair of new Galaxy Buds2!

Best Oppo phone deals on Sky

You can get an OPPO Find X5 Lite from Sky right now, and there will be a free Oppo smartwatch with it as a gift.

OPPO Find X5 Lite: buy it from Sky and get a free watch!

If you purchase the OPPO Find X5 Lite from Sky, they will send it to you with a free OPPO Watch as a gift.

Are the Sky phone deals worth it?

Yes, Sky offers one of the lowest phone prices in the UK as you can keep paying them for longer. Moreover, its plans allow for rollover minutes for up to three years, or for the duration of the contract and the plans can switched each month at will, even when you sign up a term contract.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Sky?

Simply text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code, says Sky, and they’ll take care of the rest. You can keep your current number by providing the resulting PAC code to your new carrier. Afterwards you pick a plan from Sky and call or visit them to give them your PAC number and initiate the switch.

How easy is it to switch to Sky?

It's rather easy, since there is a legal obligation for your current carrier to get your PAC number needed to unsubscribe in the span of two hours after you text 65075. After providing Sky with that PAC, they will join your phone to their network very quickly, unless it is a holiday or a weekend, of course.

How good is Sky's coverage in the UK?

Sky offers excellent coverage as it piggybacks on O2's advanced 4G LTE and 5G network. This means that, unlike Three, it would have better coverage in more rural places as well, even though both carriers cite the same 99% UK population coverage, since it is mostly based on downtown and highly trafficked areas. 

Still, coverage is a fickle issue so even the best carrier in that regard may not blanket the place where you live or travel most fre`uently, so just get a prepaid Sky SIM card to test the waters before you pull the trigger and switch to Sky.

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