Twitter is adding captions to voice tweets at last

Twitter is adding captions to voice tweets at last
A few hours ago Twitter announced that it will finally be rolling out captions for its voice tweet feature, which was first introduced last year. Now when you're done recording your voice tweet on an iPhone and publish it, others will be able to enable closed captions for it. The feature is yet to come to Twitter for Android, and voice tweeting itself is still unavailable on Google's platform.

This seemingly minor upgrade was long-awaited, and helps hearing impaired users or those who can't have the sound on still know what the voice tweet is saying.

Web Twitter users can also see captions for voice tweets by pressing the [CC] button in the top right corner of each one. In related news, we also recently covered how to enable closed captions in the YouTube app – see our YouTube app tips and tricks article.

Voice tweet itself is a handy feature on Twitter for iOS, which, as the name suggests, lets users say their thoughts instead of writing them down the old fashioned way. The voice tweet then appears in their profile as a video. Until recently voice tweets only played the user's voice while showing their avatar, but now with the press of the new [CC] button, the newly-added and automatically-generated voice tweet closed captions can be enabled.

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