Trump's worst nightmare: Twitter goes down for 90 minutes

Trump's worst nightmare: Twitter goes down for 90 minutes
You might have noticed this afternoon that Twitter suffered an outage. Yes, we know that this is the worst thing that could happen to countless millions who probably couldn't figure out what else to do with their time. A statement from the company was terse, concise and to the point. "Tweeting is broken. We're working on fixing it," tweeted Product Manager Patrick Traughber. shows that the number of reports it received about Twitter soared from 26 to 11,760 over a 45-minute period that ended at 4:39 pm ET. Of those reporting a problem with the site, 45% complained about the website, 34% said they had an issue with the iOS app and 19% reported a problem with the Android app. A little after 5 pm ET, the service started to go back on allowing many to exhale.

Twitter's status page says that the issue might have been caused by "a possible system irregularity currently affecting all data products and real-time APIs." Or perhaps someone forgot to pay the electric bill this month. Perhaps Twitter was broken because it was unable to carry the heavy load of political discourse that passes for conversations between Americans these days.

Whatever the reason for the outage, Twitter is back up and the whole ordeal lasted only 90 minutes. We wonder what Twitter's most famous subscriber, the occupant in the White House, did while the service went down.


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