Twitch cuts its entire Safety Advisory Council: Streamers take the lead

Twitch cuts its entire Safety Advisory Council: Streamers take the lead
Back in 2020, Twitch got together a crew of cyberbullying experts, web researchers, and community members to form the Safety Advisory Council. Their mission? To help draft new policies, develop products that make Twitch safer, and look out for marginalized groups.

Twitch removes every member of its Safety Advisory Council

Now, CNBC reports that Twitch has ended the contracts of all its current Safety Advisory Council members. Apparently, they were informed earlier this month that their contracts wouldn't be renewed, and their termination, effective May 31, was without additional compensation.

Twitch's advisory council was made up of nine individuals, including Twitch streamers, moderators, and experts with experience in studying and combating online harassment. This diverse group helped Twitch develop new safety policies and products while also acting as a bridge to convey safety concerns from the Twitch community to decision-makers.

While the existing contracts are winding down, Twitch plans to keep the Safety Advisory Council active. Elizabeth Busby, the communications manager for Twitch's trust and safety division, informed The Verge that the streaming platform aims to broaden the council's reach by including approximately 180 members from Twitch's ambassador program.

The transition raises questions about whether the new Ambassadors stepping in will receive compensation or if their contributions are voluntary. If it is the latter, this shift might be another cost-saving strategy.

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Earlier in January, Twitch took a significant step by downsizing its workforce by 35%, citing the need to streamline operations and create a more sustainable business model. Additionally, it marked the first increase in subscription fees.

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