Timex goes after Apple Watch with hypocritical billboard

Timex goes after Apple Watch with hypocritical billboard
Surely no one in the wristwatch industry expected the Apple Watch to have the amazing success that it has experienced so far. First released in April 2015, Apple's original plan was to promote the timepiece as fashionable jewelry. But it quickly became apparent to Apple that the wearable was selling as part of the Apple eco-system and as a tech device in its own right. Apple pulled the device out of high-end jewelry stores and focused on carrier and department store sales.

Eventually, the wearable became known for its health-related features that no doubt helped to drive sales. Now, the Apple Watch is the most popular watch on the planet. That's right, the Apple Watch outsells every other watch on Earth and that includes your famous luxury brands like Rolex, other more downscale brands like Seiko, affordable brands like Casio, and of course, mid-to-low-end brands like Timex.

Timex has been around since 1854 and has thus seen plenty of trends in the wristwatch market over the last 168 years. But we'd venture to guess that nothing has impacted the company more than the smartwatch, especially the Apple Watch. According to Business Insider, Timex decided to take on Apple and its timepiece on a billboard in New York City (yes, the "Big Apple") that promotes its new $140 analog watch which was developed in partnership with a Brooklyn clothing company called Adsum.

Even though this watch is sold out, Timex continues to have its billboard passing along the message that it wants Apple Watch users to read. "Know the time without seeing you have 1,249 unanswered emails," the copy says on the sign. That refers to the Apple Watch's ability to pass along notifications about your emails. 

Yeah, there is some hypocrisy involved with the billboard. Timex does have its own line of smartwatches and guess what? They pass along notifications. In fact, the Timex website notes that its smartwatch "Plays nice with your phone" and adds that "Over a hundred years of watchmaking has taught us that your watch becomes part of your soul. With notifications and fitness sensors, that bond is even stronger." 

And the iConnect by Timex smartwatch, which is out of stock on the Timex website but is available from online retailers, will show email notifications. In fact, one retailer states, "Stay connected wherever you are. You can receive texts, Facebook, WhatsApp and email notifications on the touchscreen display of your iConnect by Timex smartwatch."

We should caution Timex that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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