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What type of case do you most often use?

What type of case do you most often use?
Smartphones are... well, they are expensive. Especially in 2018, the price hikes have been crazy this year, with flagships getting a +$200 price-tag boost seemingly out of nowhere. And, not only are they expensive, they are also slippery and brittle pieces of tech that we carry in our pant pockets at all times. The wireless charging craze made sure that each and every handset would be a glass sandwich, which not only increases the probability of a drop, but also the probability of a breakage.

In the current climate, case manufacturer business is probably booming. And there are tons and tons of case models — from super-thick, tank armor cases, to medium-grade protection that's not too bulky, to thin cases that provide better grip and not much else. Of course, there are also skins, which add a nice texture to your phone and make it stick to your hand better, but — again — don't offer that much in terms of protection.

We wonder, what type of case do you go for most often? What's your most favorite type, so to say.

What type of case do you most often use?

Armor case!
I pick medium — only slightly bulky and it adds enough protection
Slim cases are the best cases!
I slap a skin on my phone and call it a day
No cases, no skins, I rock my phone naked!
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