The rumored Google's sports widget might be out of the game for good

The rumored Google's sports widget might be out of the game for good
Google offers a range of widgets on Android that give you quick updates right on your home screen without needing to open each app. Towards the end of last year, there was buzz about a new sports widget in the works, but it seems it may have been scrapped for good, as the code for it isn't visible anymore in the Google app.

Google may have scrapped its sports widget before you had a chance to try it out

The widgets offered through the Google app cover a wide array of interests, ranging from smart home control to weather updates and improved search capabilities. Despite these options, sports fans still turn to specialized score tracker apps to keep up with games when they can't catch the action live.

So, last year, when news broke about a new Google widget designed specifically for tracking sports scores, it sparked excitement among sports enthusiasts. Google has yet to comment officially on the existence of this widget, but according to app researcher Assemble Debug, it may no longer be necessary as the code has been removed from version of the app. The researcher suggests Google may have permanently discontinued the widget.

It is common for tech companies like Google to discontinue features, tools, or even apps and services while they are still in the development phase or after testing them for a period.

A feature that, for example, undergoes testing can fail to resonate with users in practice. This could be because it is not clear how to use it, it doesn't solve a critical problem, or there are already better ways to accomplish the same thing using Google's existing products.
Moreover, product priorities can shift rapidly. If a new feature doesn't align with Google's current strategic focus, it could be shelved even before user testing begins.

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However, despite Google's reputation for shelving ideas, many hardware and software creations ebb and flow in development as companies focus on more essential additions to their offerings. So, this might not be the last time we hear of Google’s sports tracking widget.

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