Tech gift ideas for geeks

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Tech gift ideas for geeks
It’s the Holiday season and there are Black Friday deals everywhere on practically everything. That’s fine and dandy but who gets the best presents every year? That’s right -- kids. Well, you may argue that grown-ups get their cool stuff too, and in all fairness, there’s nothing wrong with cars, computers, fancy watches, and any tech gift you may think of. But we all carry an inner child that deserves to be entertained from time to time. That’s why this holiday shopping list won’t be your boring run-of-the-mill thing but a haven instead filled with cool gift ideas for the geeks in your life.

Without further ado, we’re diving straight into all the unique presents and quirky gadgets you can find in the vast online jungle.

Magic Array Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless chargers are so boring these days! Just a round piece of plastic standing on your desk. Well, not anymore! This magic array wireless charger is designed in the shape of a medieval magic pottery plate shape. You can transform your mundane phone charging into something out of a fairytale book with this gadget -- once the phone is placed in the middle, the strange occult symbols will light up, and music will starts to play.

Astronaut Style Resin Phone Stand

Placing your phone on the table is just no fun at all. It's much cooler to place it on the back of an astronaut, right? Make your childhood hero carry your phone around as a backpack with this resin stand. You can use it with practically any phone (although a gray aluminum one looks perfect on it) and you can even make this astronaut work harder by putting a tablet on his back. This affordable stand may make a great Secret Santa gift as well.

Sphero R2-D2 Remote control robot

You can do so many things with your smartphone, right? What about controlling an R2-D2 robot with it? Sounds like fun, which it absolutely is. You can drive this Star Wars replica around in bipod or tripod mode, trigger emotive waddles and listen to the authentic R2-D2 sounds coming from the integrated speaker. There are functional LED on the robot as well, and when you watch a film from the Star Wars saga the little droid will react!

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader

And while we're riding on the Star Wars train, there's no way we can skip the Samsung Darth Vader vacuum cleaner! Along with all the benefits of an autonomous vacuum cleaner you get the added bonus of cracking a smile every time you pass near this thing. It features the iconic breathing of the even more iconic movie villain. The sad thing is that it's Limited Edition and out of stock at the moment but watch this space!

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POWERUP 3.0 Original Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit

Moving along to paper planes! There's not a single human being who hasn't played with those as a kid. The Powerup -- an undoubtedly cool gift idea for a geek -- takes the iconic design to the next level. With a small electric motor and a propeller this tech-infused paper plane can fly around controlled by your phone. It's really more fun than a drone and you get the added nostalgia bonus as well. Plus the crash resistant design and the 180ft range will make sure your fun will last.

Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Drone

Of course you can have a real drone as a Holiday gift! If paper planes are too lame for you, why not go for a Parrot quadcopter? This one is the real deal! It can reach a speed of 55 km/h and stay up in the air for up to 25 minutes. There's a 4K camera on board that connects to your smartphone - take that, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! Now you can experience real piloting, take amazing pictures, the whole deal. 

Slavatech Handmade 8GB Pentode Radio Tube USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are one of the most abundant and boring tech out there. They are quite useful, mind you, but most of the time very plain looking. Not this one, though. The Slavatech flash drive is steampunk joy from head to toe. It's made to look like a retro radio tube and it even glows when powered on. It's handmade in Latvia and comes in capacities from 8GB up to 256GB. Store your data in style!

elago W3 Apple Watch Stand

I bet your Apple Watch stand can see a design improvement, right? Check this out -- you can turn your Apple Watch into a desktop computer replica noone is ever heard about. How cool is that? Joking aside, this elago W3 stand captured the retro design of Apple computers of old, namely - the original Macintosh 128K. With the right watchface you can get this little replica up and running, of course, powered by your Apple Watch, sort of.

NEOGEO Mini International

Now, we can't mention the Macintosh and skip arcades, they were the rage at the same time. Some of you might remember them, while others will nod in agreement and cherish those memories of tons of quarters well spent. Now you can own a piece of nostalgia with this NEO GEO Mini International arcade. It's completely functional machine with selected 40 masterpieces, including King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Metal Slug. It has a 3.5 inch LCD screen, a joystick controller and stereo speakers. Of course, you can play all the games on a TV via the HDMI interface but where's the fun in that?

Retro console reissue mayhem

If your childhood memories take you more back to the 90s, you can get a console mini replica from that period. Everybody launched a mini version of their most popular console and you can have them all if you wish. They're priced quite attractively and come with pre-loaded classic games. There's your retro Commodore C64, the Atari Gold or maybe you fancy something newer like the NES or the Sega Genesis? Or if you're a Sony fan you can get the PlayStation Classic and return to the time where it all begun (for Sony at least).

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer

In these troublesome times every germ is an enemy! Why rely on questionable claims for antimicrobial screen protectors and cases, when you can kill the little guys swiftly with a UV sanitizer? This thing comes equipped with two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your entire phone, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. Well, we're feeling gracious and will let those 0.01 % slide. The PhoneSoap 3 doubles as a charger too -- it is built to accommodate all smartphones, including larger models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The USB and USB-C ports in the back of the unit offer universal charging to all devices.

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