The loud Sony SRS-XG300 boombox Bluetooth speaker can still be yours for 43% off its price on Amazon

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The loud Sony SRS-XG300 boombox Bluetooth speaker can still be yours for 43% off its price on Amazon
The Summer may be ending, but that doesn't mean the next few months won't offer sunny days to organize fun gatherings. However, one of the ingredients required for an exciting gathering or small party is music, which means you will need a loud Bluetooth speaker with great sound. That said, such speakers come at a hefty price, so it would definitely be nice if you could get one with a nice discount.

Well, we guess fortune is on your side today since Amazon is still selling the awesome Sony SRS-XG300 party speaker at an incredible 43% discount. If you pick up your phone, open your calculator app, and, well, start calculating, you will see you now have the chance to save $152 if you grab a Sony SRS-XG300 through this amazing deal right now.

Sony SRS-XG300: Now 43% OFF on Amazon!

Grab the Sony SRS-XG300 Bluetooth speaker from Amazon and save $152 in the process. The speaker has a loud sound and a high water-resistance rating. It's perfect for parties and big gatherings.

Before you pull the trigger on this one, however, we must warn you that the Sony SRS-XG300 is not a speaker you can just grab and go riding your bike or climbing a mountain. This thing is huge, which makes it unsuitable for such activities. On the other hand, the larger size of the Sony SRS-XG300 makes it perfect for parties and large gatherings.

The sound on this thing is loud. It even features a special function dubbed Mega Bass, which improves bass, thus giving you that extra oomph you probably want to have if you are a hip-hop lover. The speaker also supports Sony's Music Center app, which boasts its own EQ, allowing you to adjust the SRS-XG300's sound completely to your preferences.

Additionally, the Sony SRS-XG300 has an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, which is awesome if Mother Nature decides to end your amazing gathering with heavy rain.

Regarding the battery, the Sony SRS-XG300 delivers up to 25 hours of playtime on a single charge. However, we must also note that battery life depends on how loudly you are listening, so the speaker won't be able to survive for that long if you have turned the volume up to eleven.

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With an awesome loud sound, an IP67 rating, and now a lower price, the Sony SRS-XG300 is worth every dollar. So be sure to grab one at a discount while you can.

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