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Siri has a funny way around your questions about Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event

Siri has a funny way around your questions about Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event
Some of you might remember the peculiar way in which the date for Apple’s 'Spring Loaded' April event this year got revealed. For those who missed that, well, it was through none other than the personal AI assistant herself—Siri.

As you might presume, that situation was more of an unintentional mishap than a clever way for Apple to announce the dates for their big event. Following this accident, it seems the tech giant has predicted that some of its customers would attempt to get fresh intel about the upcoming September 14th event using the same method.

Siri will not snitch on Apple this time

Unfortunately for the curious, the engineers at Apple have played a little trick on those with prying eyes. First spotted by AppleInsider, if you try asking Siri the question ‘What will Apple announce on Sept. 14?’ you will be answered with a reminiscently familiar sentence—’You can't hurry news. No, you'll just have to wait.’

If this sounds like you have heard it somewhere else before, you are not crazy—you most likely have. The answer Siri gives you is a spin on an excerpt from the chorus of the Motown song ‘You Can't Hurry Love’ by The Supremes.

It looks like Apple is paying homage to the ’60s with this year’s September event, even naming the event itself ‘California Streaming’, which is a reference to another classic song from that period—’California Dreaming’ by The Mamas & The Papas.

Now do not go putting your tin foil hats on yet, trying to dig around and make sense of this whole theme. Finding any hidden meaning behind it all that sounds meaningful is highly unlikely since Apple is not known for its Easter eggs and hints.

If you are left disappointed with Siri’s answers to your queries about Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event, we have got you covered. The iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3 are some of the most anticipated announcements we expect to witness.

You will be able to watch the event on Apple’s official website on supported browsers, the Apple TV app, and via YouTube. You can also expect live coverage from us, so stay tuned!
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