You can now use SharePlay with Disney+ on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

You can now use SharePlay with Disney+ on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
It is well known that Disney has some of the most loved franchises under its belt with Star Wars and Marvel to name a couple. Keeping that in mind, it is no wonder Disney Plus has done so well in the first three years of its existence. Well, the streaming platform just got even better for users with Apple devices, as the app now supports SharePlay.

The SharePlay feature on Apple devices allows you to have a call with as many as 32 people and enjoy any type of content simultaneously. You can even message the group using the Messaging button without having to stop the content. Other options include a mute button and an enable/disable option for video and SharePlay itself.

In the case of Disney Plus, of course, the type of content is movies and TV series. Participants can even choose their own audio and subtitles for their personal viewing experience, without affecting that of others.

To make use of SharePlay, users must have either an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV with iOS 15.1, iPad OS 15.1, and tvOS 15.1 or newer. If you don’t see the option to use the feature yet, double check to see whether your app is updated by going to the App Store.

SharePlay can be used no matter your region and for every single movie or show on Disney Plus. That also includes new titles and upcoming ones, such as The Book of Boba Fett (Hype!) and Encanto.

Keep in mind that Disney says SharePlay is not supported on kids’ Disney Plus profiles, the same way GroupWatch isn’t. Also, you can’t trick the system and use your friend’s subscription in conjunction with SharePlay to watch content for free. Each call participant has to have their own account and subscription in order to use SharePlay with the streaming platform.

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