On a scale of Bixby to ten, how creepy are Samsung's new Neon avatars?

On a scale of Bixby to ten, how creepy are Samsung's new Neon avatars?
Samsung took the stage at the CES expo for a long and winded keynote that was supposed to usher in the Age of Experience, where roaming robot balls follow us and your gym session is boosted by an exoskeleton.

The weirdest thing on CES, however, and we are talking about an expo with many a funky sex toy, are the long-touted and Samsung-backed Neon AI personalities - lifesize avatars that can look as you please and you can supposedly carry a conversation with.

Samsung was in pains to explain that these are not replacements for its virtual Bixby assistant that is present on your Galaxy phone right this very moment, but something allegedly from the future that is dubbed to be an artificial human. These are coming from the Neon startup that Samsung backs via its experimental STAR Labs subsidiary (yeah, DC Comics, yeah).

From a girl that looks a step away from a wardrobe malfunction, to a National Park ranger, there is something for everyone's taste and mood to chat with mixed results. 

We don't know if and when will these reach the consumer-centric stage, but will just post this conversation below, and leave you to decide whether the digital avatars live up to the hype on the runup to the CES expo. 

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