Samsung Galaxy S20 display issues seem to surface after a year of usage

Samsung Galaxy S20 display issues seem to surface after a year of usage
If you’re a proud owner of a SamsungGalaxy S20+ or S20 Ultra device, you may not want to read any further. Apparently, there seems to be an issue with the displays of those devices, and reports of the so-called “green/white flicker” are starting to pile up.

The first case dates back to May when a user posted about the issue on Samsung community forums. “at first i notice flickering lines on my device specially when playing games. I ask the samsung support and instructed me to soft reset my phone. then it turned green and white display and overheat when stayed open for a while,” wrote the unlucky user.

This isn't an isolated case either - there’s a Reddit post from 12 days ago with the descriptive and straightforward title: “A significant number of users are getting the flickering green/white screen issue, most of them after a year (end of warranty).”

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There’s also a YouTube video (embedded above) demonstrating the issue and judging by the comments, quite a few people had the same problem with their Samsung Galaxy phones. Even though Galaxy S20 Ultra seems to be affected the most, some people claim that this issue first appeared way back during the Galaxy S9 days.

Unsurprisingly, the frustration levels are quite high at the moment and nobody seems to know what triggers the issue, or if it’s a software problem or hardware damage. Some people even suggested that this display issue has something to do with the latest April-June security updates.

We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment and will keep you posted about further updates to the situation. Meanwhile, you can share your experience with the Galaxy S20 lineup - do you have the "green screen of death?"

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