Galaxy S23 Ultra camera may counter Apple's Action Mode video with 'ULTRA STABILIZATION'

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Galaxy S23 Ultra camera may counter Apple's Action Mode with 'ultra stabilization' feature
Back when it announced the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung boasted a new optical image stabilization (OIS) mechanism for the camera. Combining the new OIS tech, it said, with the video digital image stabilization (VDIS) om the software side, resulted in a Super Steady Mode that introduced 48% reduced shaking compared to the phone's predecessor.

Lo and behold, according to renowned leakster Ricciolo, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have an even more advanced "Ultra Stabilization" feature, perhaps a combination of hardware and software components that may be used for floating video footage or sharper pictures.

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Action mode image stabilization

Apple, however, now has Action Mode for video recording which it introduced with the iPhone 14 and and iPhone 14 Pro models, leveraging the image stabilization to heights unseen that compensate for every breath and shake while you shoot footage. 

"It uses the full sensor with more over scan and advanced roll correction to make video look incredibly stable when you’re in the middle of the action," says Apple, and can serve as a gimble replacement when there is enough light around, plus it even records in Dolby Vision HDR, albeit not at the full 4K definition the iPhone 14 series is otherwise capable of.

Thus, the potential Galaxy S23 Ultra image stabilization could either be an answer to the iPhone 14's Action Mode or simply a feature that Samsung's phone would have been capable of anyway, but just given a new marketing name as Apple often does.

Back when we did our iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra camera comparison, we also tested Apple's new Action Mode for video footage against Samsung's Super Steady Mode on the S22 Ultra.

Video Thumbnail

In a nutshell, both modes use a crop from the ultrawide camera to compensate for the frame shakes, though Action Mode seems a bit smoother overall. Thus, Samsung could simply be introducing an upgraded version of its Super Steady video recording mode with the new Galaxy S23 "Ultra stabilization" mode. 

It could also be trying to emphasize the feature more during its keynote presentation, for those who didn't know that the Action Mode-style option had existed on its Galaxy phones for a while now.

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