Samsung explains how your Galaxy phone fights modern threats and stays secure

Samsung explains how your Galaxy phone fights modern threats and stays secure
Security has always been a hot topic in tech, and mobile devices are no exception. For instance, Samsung introduced its Knox security platform way back in 2013, and it is a core feature on Galaxy phones, including the latest Galaxy S24 series. Now, the Korean tech giant is doubling down on the importance of security by spotlighting two powerful Galaxy security solutions.

How your Galaxy phone is keeping you safe?

In a recent blog post, Samsung broke down how its Auto Blocker and Message Guard features work within the Knox security platform. Auto Blocker, introduced last year, is an opt-in feature that safeguards your Galaxy device by stopping app installations from unauthorized sources and scanning for malware and other threats. It immediately blocks any malicious activity, offering extra peace of mind.

For example, Auto Blocker prevents sideloading apps from unverified sources. While sideloading can offer customization benefits, it also poses security risks. If you don't usually sideload, this feature will give you peace of mind by protecting you against potential attacks like voice phishing, where scammers trick you over the phone into installing harmful software.

Auto Blocker also stops harmful commands from entering your physical USB port — which could come in handy when charging your phone through an outlet at a public space like an airport. Turning on Auto Blocker is a quick and simple process:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Security and Privacy
  3. Tap Auto Blocker
  4. Select On.

Cybersecurity threats are getting more sophisticated every year. One rising threat is the zero-click attack, which can exploit software vulnerabilities in your device. This type of attack can happen as soon as you receive an image without needing any action from you.

– Samsung, June 2024

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This is where Samsung claims its Message Guard feature steps in to tackle potential threats embedded within received images. It isolates suspicious files, placing them in a secure zone on your device. During this quarantine phase, Message Guard carefully examines each file, ensuring it poses no risk to the rest of your device by processing it under controlled conditions.

Message Guard is compatible with multiple widely used messaging apps, including the ones by Google and Samsung, Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. It operates silently in the background, ensuring constant protection without needing to be activated in any way.

Every day we hear about cybersecurity threats affecting everyone from regular users to businesses. These threats can sneak into networks, compromise data, and wreak havoc on devices. They come in various forms, like malware and phishing, often lurking invisibly until it is too late. That is why using your phone's security features is vital. And don't forget to keep up with the latest software updates and security patches to stay protected from these sneaky attacks.

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