You can now repair the $1700+ Google Pixel Fold yourself for $900 with iFixit’s new kit

You can now repair the $1700+ Google Pixel Fold yourself for $900 with iFixit’s new kit
If you’ve got:
a) A malfunctioned Google Pixel Fold that’s in need of inner screen repair;
b) Some $900 for a repair kit;
c) A strong desire to release your inner RadioShack aspirant…

Congratulations, you’ve hit the jackpot. iFixit just released a repair kit for the Google Pixel Fold (via 9to5Google). We talked about this in June, noting that this, being an official partnership between Google and iFixit, means that you’re getting genuine parts for your money.

The kit is for the inner screen – without a doubt far more complex and costly piece of tech than the outer display. The price is $899.99 for the “Google Pixel Fold Inner Screen”, and $909.99 for the “Fix Kit” that supplies you with tools. As you can see, they are too nice to be passed by, and you’ll spend only $10 extra.

The repair kit comes with the foldable display and the chassis (“inner screen assembly”), which brings you the side frame. Note that you’re also getting the fingerprint sensor and the volume rocker. Included, you’ll find the two Pixel Fold batteries. The larger one (the “Flip battery”) is the 3,267 mAh one that’s to be found under the top display, while the “Base battery” (the one on the back of the phone) provides 1,460 mAh of power.

Of course, there are detailed instructions and guides on how to repair your device. There is advice available for the disassembly, replacement and the build back processes for all kinds of repairs: for the back glass, the base battery, the earpiece speakers, the fingerprint sensor, the front and rear camera, the top speaker, and many more.

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