Reddit is introducing a better way to find new communities and content

Reddit is introducing a better way to find new communities and content
If you use Reddit on your Android phone or your iPhone, you will probably notice a new Discover tab within the Reddit app, which strongly resembles an Instagram feed (via Engadget). Yes, it took two years, but finally, Reddit introduced a new significant change to its app. The idea of the new Discover tab is for Reddit users to find new communities and content more easily.

According to Reddit, if you are logged into your Reddit account, the content in the new Discover tab will be strongly personalized for you. Based on the subreddits and the content you watch on Reddit, the app will recommend content that you may like. Users who are not logged in to the app will see content that is currently trending on the platform.

As for why Reddit is introducing the Discover tab, Jason Costa, Reddit's director of product for content and communities, told Engadget, "Discover is more meant to solve the breadth problem and really help people traverse the wide corpus of Reddit." He also mentioned that during the early testing of the Discover tab, thanks to the new feature, one in five Reddit users joined at least one subreddit.

Currently, the new Discover tab is available only on the mobile versions of Reddit. But, if the Reddit users like the new feature, Jason Costa said, "I could absolutely see it impacting other surface areas and maybe impacting the design language of Reddit." This might imply that if Redditors like the new Discover tab, it may ultimately make its way to the platform's web version.

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