Navi: the best way to find phone deals

Navi: the best way to find phone deals
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Shopping for a new smartphone can be as exciting as much as it is a hassle. These small devices have become so powerful and useful that we can’t help but gawk at every new model… but their prices have grown proportionally as well, which is why we often look for deals — any sort of deal — to bring that price down a bit.

And this is where the kerfuffle begins — so many stores and so many carriers are competing for your attention, that there are tons of deals to pick from. That’s a lot of flying numbers, but also a lot of fine print to read. Often times, it looks like that massive discount isn’t even accessible to you.

Additionally, if you are looking to change your plan or switch carriers in the process, all the little details you need to pay attention to start piling up fast.

Navi is here to sort all of this out

What is Navi?

To put it simply, Navi is a service built entirely with the customer in mind, put in place to make your smartphone shopping experience easier… much, much easier.

Navi is a wireless marketplace that brings deals from top brands in the market to make it easy to compare options and save money. It utilizes AI tools to look for smartphone deals, mobile plan deals, and keep track of your current phone’s trade-in value at different places. So, finding the right deal is as easy as just typing in the new phone model you are craving.

Don’t know what phone you want? Navi has a tool for that, too — a dedicated quiz that will help you pinpoint the right model for your needs.

Don’t know what plan you want? You guessed it — Navi’s AI tools are not only capable of finding the right carrier plans for you, they can even analyze your current subscription and let you know if you are getting the most out of your money.

Visit Navi and find your phone deal now

There are many deal aggregators, what makes Navi different?

Navi strives to deliver completely unbiased results with every search query. The tools are powered by AI, which meticulously combs through 3 million phone deals and plans from top brands across the market. It then delivers the results and allows you to compare the most lucrative deals side by side.

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Since Navi isn’t partnered with any top brands, stores, or carriers, it simply gives you a list of the top prices it found, together with the benefits of the specific plans you may wish to pair them with.

About Navi's Phone Navigator

Phone Navigator is made specifically to help you buy your new phone and get the best price when trading in your old device.

The system is powered by AI, which looks at more than 3 million phone deals every day and combines them with all sorts of possible plan options. It’s then ready to display the offers that are relevant to your search in the matter of seconds.

For those that are unsure what phone model they wish to buy, Phone Navigator has a quiz section, which will quickly help you determine which modern device is for you.

About Navi's Plan Navigator

Since it’s pretty easy to find yourself overpaying for data, which you ultimately don’t need, Plan Navigator is here to help you find a better option, which suits your specific needs. The tool will break down plans by their most important factors — price, number of lines, data, extra perks — and compare them against your individual needs.

Ultimately, the point is to get you the exact plan that you need, making sure you don’t end up missing something, but also that you are not paying for something you barely use.

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