Apple TV+ debuts free 'Oprah Talks COVID-19' series with coronavirus-stricken Idris Elba

Free Apple TV+ 'Oprah Talks COVID-19' series debuts with coronavirus-stricken Idris Elba
Remember Oprah's much-touted show for Apple TV+ that fizzled into a book club of sorts? Last year, Apple reserved a stage entirely for its new adventures in content and media, after  announcing a bunch of products with simple press releases.

Apple took on cable and Netflix with the Apple TV channels and TV+ subscription streamer. Game streaming and distribution platforms like Steam or Google's Stadia faced the leisurely Arcade undertaking. News aggregators and standalone publishers now have another potentially huge platform to consider - News+ - and so on.

The big get for Apple, however, was Oprah, who took the stage together with its execs to announce exciting things about the new partnership with Apple that was initially announced way back in 2018.

While nothing more than the book club and documentaries materialized since then, and the Oprah Apple TV+ show teaser video was taken down subsequently, the inspirational talk show host is now back with one fit for the times.

Oprah Winfrey releases a free Apple TV+ series on coronavirus, 'Oprah Talks COVID-19'

That's right, Oprah is getting smack dab in the middle of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic the way she knows best. Instead of doling out medical advice, she will be talking with experts, celebs and coronavirus sufferers about their experience from a human standpoint.

That's as important to know as the advice to frequently wash your hands, and an interview with folks like Idris Elba who tested positive together with his wife last week will go a long way to dispel myths and rumors about the infection.

The next episode is with a pastor, naturally, a spiritual healer, and Oprah has invited Wintley Phipps to offer "words of wisdom, peace, and strength." Very Oprah, very Winfrey, but anything to get through these trying times easier. The "Oprah Talks COVID-19" episodes are free on Apple TV+ and you can watch the first two right now.

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