OnePlus 10T pairs beastly 20-minute charging to Snapdragon 8+ specs at a value price

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OnePlus 10T brings beastly charging and newest Snapdragon 8+ specs at a value price
With the OnePlus 10T, the BBK holding that also blankets the Oppo and Vivo brands, finally brings its ultrafast charging technology to American soil. The 150W charger fills the battery in under 20 minutes, but that is not the phone's only virtue.

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Amazon directly sells you the OnePlus 10T 8/128GB configuration at an incredible price. Right now, the model in Moonstone Black is 37% cheaper.

OnePlus 10T design and display

With a modern camera island design fused with the top and side of the phone, the OnePlus 10T looks great in its Moonstone Black and Jade Green color schemes. The Moonstone Black has basalt texture as an inspiration. OnePlus recreated the rock's surface with a process called LDI craft, increasing the phone's traction in the hand, while another process, called dual-AG, recreated the flickering sand impression that changes with the light angle. The Jade Green model has a dedicated film layer that makes it look premium as ceramic.

OnePlus uses the "burdenless" unibody design language that made a cameo on the OnePlus 10 Pro, with a glass backplate "made with industry-leading technology." Needless to say, this is a tough Gorilla Glass 5 they are talking about, both for the rear and the screen at the front.

Said display inherits the best of what the OnePlus 10 series can offer, complete with DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. The OnePlus 10T carries a 6.7 inch FHD+ display 1080p screen that can hit a peak brightness of 950 nits. For gamers, it also support a touch response rate of up to 1,000 Hz.

It's not clear if, as usual with Oppo and OnePlus since their partnership with Pixelworks, there is a per-unit factory Delta E calibration and camera-to-display wide color management system on the OnePlus 10T.

The OnePlus 10T didn't exhibit great white balance score, going a bit on the cold side below the 6500K reference white point, so we'd wager to guess there might not be a per-unit calibration here, though we did take a measurement in the normal not the vivid default mode.

OnePlus 10T specs

Here's a list of all the important U.S. OnePlus 10T model version specs which sit lower than those on the OnePlus 10 Pro:

  • 6.7" 1080p 60Hz-120Hz dynamic refresh wide color OLED display
  • Latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor
  • 8 GB / 12 GB / 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM
  • 128 GB / 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage
  • 10 Gigabit X65 5G modem
  • Triple 50 MP wide, 8 MP ultrawide, 2 MP macro camera
  • 16 MP selfie camera
  • 4800mAh battery
  • Fast 150W charging (charger in the box), 0-100% in 19 minutes

150W SUPERVOOC and record battery lifespan

Due to its novel battery chemistry and charge monitoring algorithms, collectively called the Battery Health Engine (BHE), the 150W-capable batteries are able to go through 1600 full recharge-discharge cycles before they retain 80% capacity. 

This is double what is available right now on the best of them like the iPhone 13 Pro Max or Oppo Find X5 Pro battery packs. This means that even if you charge your phone from empty to full every day, the 20-minute-charge battery will retain at least 80% capacity for more than four years. Since we usually don't charge 0-100% every day, it's about to last twice longer, which bodes well for both the resale value, and the environment.

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The Battery Health Engine tech is based on the company's proprietary battery management chip and approaches the solution from two sides: the Smart Battery Health Algorithm, and the Battery Healing Technology.

Smart Battery Health Algorithm

Capable of tracking the electric potential across the negative electrode in real-time, the Smart Battery Health Algorithm "dynamically adjusts the charging currency within a reasonable range, minimizing the occurrence of dead lithium while maintaining the maximum charging current, therefore ensuring a healthier battery lifespan and faster charging speed."

Battery Healing Technology

Charging speed control algorithms are all fine and dandy, but the new Battery Healing Technology also enhances the chemistry system of the battery in real time. OnePlus has been able to optimize the electrolyte formula in a way that has the electrodes damage caused by the full charge and discharge cycles repaired continuously by creating a durable film called the Solid Electrolyte Interface.

Does the OnePlus 10T come with the fast 150W charger?

Despite all the brouhaha that America's archaic 110V system doesn't support that level of SuperVOOC charging speeds, OnePlus still supplied a 150W charging brick in the box that takes the sizable 4800mAh OnePlus 10T battery from 1%-100% for just 19 minutes, the fastest charging speed available on this side of the pond. 

We measured 23 minutes, but from a completely depleted state, so four minutes more don't seem like a big loss here, especially considering that OnePlus is putting the powerful charger in the box for its buyers, unlike what the bigwigs Apple or Samsung are doing now.

OnePlus 10T camera

While the specs of the OnePlus 10T camera set leave something to be desired in terms of resolution compared to those 108MP or 64MP sensors that Samsung is using for, say, its Galaxy S22 series, OnePlus focused on optimization and computational photography algorithms like the Super HDR or Nightscape 2.0 modes.

OnePlus 10T price and release date

  • Price 8/128GB: $649
  • Price 16/256GB: $749
  • Release date: August 25 (Europe), September 7 (US)

The OnePlus 10T starts at a $649 price for the 8GB/128GB model and will go on sale on August 25th (the US will be getting it in September). Preorders are available right now via OnePlus or via Amazon starting August 11th, along with some generous trade-in and bundle offers, as usually happens when OnePlus launches a new phone.

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