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New Google app update is causing repeated crashes

New Google app update is causing repeated crashes
After updating their Google app to the new version, Android users have reported experiencing frequent crashes. The issue further extends to Podcasts, Lens, and has also resulted in the Assistant not functioning.

The 12.23 beta version of the Google app was introduced last week on Wednesday (June 16) and officially rolled out yesterday (June 21). Some noticed that the update arrived later than usual as either Monday or Tuesday are the days to expect it.

After it was made live, the update made the Google app constantly close on its own without the user doing anything to cause this action. Just as Lens and Podcasts, the Discover tab also seems to be affected. The initially affected devices were the Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola phones. Now it looks like the bug is spreading to others like Huawei and Xiaomi as some people have complained on Twitter.

Sometime after the release of 12.23, however, a new 12.24 version was pushed, which some say has fixed the problem. There are no reported cases of the bug on the beta side of things, so that could also be a safe way to avoid the issue. You can sign up for the beta version through the Play Store or by going to the following link.

Google seems to have handled this slip up rather quickly, so hats off to them. Let's hope we don't see any worse further hiccups down the road.
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