Leaked internal T-Mobile document reveals limited-time cut in activation fee starting today

Leaked internal T-Mobile document reveals limited-time cut in activation fee starting today
An internal T-Mobile document obtained by The Mobile Report shows that T-Mobile’s "Device Connection Charge," a controversial fee that subscribers pay when they upgrade their phones or activate new lines, is being reduced for a limited time to new customers. The fee is not without its detractors who consider it a tricky way for the carrier (and other wireless firms that also have such a fee) to collect additional revenue from its customers.

Starting today, Friday, March 8th, T-Mobile is reducing the "Device Connection Charge" on newly purchased lines to just $5 which is a $30 discount. The document notes that the discounted fee will be automatically applied to transactions conducted online, in-store, or through support. And while the discounted $5 fee starts today, T-Mobile lists the ending date as TBA which stands for "To Be Announced." In other words, until T-Mobile announces otherwise, the discount will remain in effect.

Keep in mind that if you're upgrading a phone on an existing line, you do not get the discount and will have to pay the $35 "Device Connection Charge." The good news is that the $5 promo fee will apply to each new line no matter how many are being added. So if you have a family of five moving to T-Mobile, they will save $150 and pay a total of only $25 for the "Device Connection Charge." 

The discount applies when a new or existing T-Mobile customer activates on a new line a phone purchased through the Equipment Installment Plan, or a device brought to T-Mobile by a new customer. The same rules apply on new lines purchased by T-Mobile for Business subscribers.

The promotion is designed to get consumers considering a switch to T-Mobile to get off the fence and make their move now. T-Mobile also hopes that the promo will lead existing customers to add new lines to their accounts.

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