Apple soon will release iOS 16.5.1 to fix battery draining issue, Wi-Fi disconnections and more

Apple soon will release iOS 16.5.1 to fix battery draining issue, Wi-Fi disconnections and more
Multiple reports indicate that Apple is working on iOS 16.5.1 which would follow the release of iOS 16.5 last month. BGR says that it has seen an insider's note that has the build number for the update listed as 20F74. The timing of the update isn't clear but with iOS 16.6 only in beta 2, Apple needs to send out an immediate fix for some bugs that have been affecting iPhone users.

Among the most pressing problems impacting those using an iOS 16.5-powered handset is a bug that causes the battery on the device to drain too quickly. Some iPhone users are also complaining about their Wi-Fi connection cutting off randomly, and the Apple Weather app is giving some users weather information that is not accurate. With the final release of iOS 16.6 still some weeks away, the smartest thing Apple can do is to push out iOS 16.5.1 especially if there are some security patches it needs to send out.

This happened with iOS 16.4.1 which Apple dropped during the first week of April to replace the skin tone on one particular emoji and to fix Siri who was unresponsive in some cases. (A word to the wise. If you own an iPhone, don't rely solely on Siri. Install the Google Assistant app from the App Store by tapping on this link). The iOS 16.4.1 update also patched some serious security issues including a pair that Apple said were actively exploited.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that a bug in iOS 16.5 caused Apple's Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter dongle to stop working. With the iOS 16.6 beta, Apple fixed the issue which means that there is a good chance that iOS 16.5.1 will solve the problem for those who don't want to venture into the world of Beta software which can really be a jungle out there for inexperienced iOS and Android users alike.

From time to time, you can check to see if iOS 16.5.1 has arrived on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Updates.

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