Instagram will soon have a new “practice mode” feature for live video sessions

Instagram will soon have a new “practice mode” feature for live video sessions
If you’ve ever attended, or even just participated as a viewer in an Instagram live broadcast session, you are probably aware of how messy it can get when several people are involved. It usually takes a bit of time for all participants to sync up, fix any sound or connection issues, and finally start the session for real.

That is exactly the problem Instagram is trying to solve with an upcoming new feature called “practice mode.” It will allow everyone in the live broadcast to prepare before finally going live for the followers. That way, you can set your lighting, sound and make sure you have good reception to avoid any awkward situations at the beginning and throughout the rest of the session.

Going live can be a stressful experience, and having something go wrong only adds to that. The situation is vaguely similar to that of TV channels, for example, who usually have the time and means to prepare before they air.

From the looks of it, turning on Practice Mode seems to be very straightforward. Once you go to the LIVE tab, you get two options: Public and Practice, and you simply choose the one you need. Instagram says the feature is coming soon to the social media platform.

You can now schedule broadcasts on Instagram!

While you do have to wait a bit more for the new Practice Mode, you won’t have to for the other new feature Instagram is releasing, which lets you schedule a live broadcast. You can schedule it up to 90 days in advance and notify your followers in advance.

The feature is rolling out to creators right now, so make sure you have your Instagram app updated if you plan on doing some live broadcasting anytime soon.

Of course, other platforms like YouTube, for instance, have had a scheduling feature for way longer. Others like TikTok and Facebook have also had one for a while, so it seems like Instagram is a bit late to the party.

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