Instagram Playback 2021 now availablе: a compilation of memorable Stories to share with your friends

Instagram Playback 2021 now availablе: a compilation of memorable Stories to share with your friend
The end of 2021 is near. At this time of the year, many apps and services offer reminiscent compilations or year-in-review features, and Instagram is also now joining the crowd. 9to5Mac reports the social media platform has now prepared its own year-in-review option called Playback 2021.

Instagram's Playback 2021 is now available for a short time

The tool is now rolling out to users, and it is a limited-time feature available just for the next several weeks, marking the end of the year 2021. You will be getting a message at the top of your Instagram feed that's going to invite you to check out your Playback of 2021.

The feature will showcase special moments for you from the year, and it is basically a compilation of your 2021 stories. Of course, you will be able to add or remove stories from the tool before you share your 2021 Playback with your friends and followers on the social media platform.

This feature generates the year-in-review automatically; however, luckily, if you don't like a story added to it, you can simply remove it, or replace it with another one you find cooler.

When you get the feature, you will have a notification in your feed, and it has starting rolling out today.

Other recent Instagram features you may like

Despite the issues Instagram has recently had with Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, the company is continuing its work on improving the social media platform with new features and capabilities.

Recently, we reported on the fact that Instagram is working on bringing back the chronological feed (or a version of it), something the app removed four years ago, back in 2016. The chronological feed was replaced at the time with a feed based on an algorithm, that showed you the posts you were likely to like or interact with based on previous interactions on the app.

However, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, stated earlier that the company will be bringing a version of the chronological feed next year. He said this during a Congress hearing and underlined Instagram is working to bring its users more control over what they see in the app.

Additionally, it seems the company is keen on also giving parents more control over the actions their kids take on the social media platform and the content they see on there. Now, a Take a Break warning will be displayed if a kid or a teen is spending too much time on Instagram, something that was announced last month when the controversy with the whistleblower.

The new feature is now available in the following countries: the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Another feature aimed at delivering a better experience on the app is aimed at preventing fake accounts created by bots by spamming people on the social media platform. A newly required step when creating an Instagram account will be to record a video selfie of yourself in order to confirm you're a human and not a bot.

Understandably, any videos of people that were recorded in order to verify they are a real person will not be stored on Instagram's servers for more than 30 days, and such video selfies won't be published anywhere on the platform. This feature serves as a security measure as recently, many fake accounts have been appearing on the social media platform, accounts created by bots aimed at spamming.

Dating apps like Tinder for example require people who want to register to take pictures of their face from multiple angles as a form of an authentication process. However, video selfies might give the AI systems more data to work with, and should be overall even more secure in detecting fake bot-created accounts.

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