Apple gains market share in the US on the back of its iPhone 8 models

Apple gains market share in the US on the back of its iPhone 8 models
Kantar Worldpanel released their latest market share report that gives us insight about the changes in market allocation primarily between Android and iOS. Their combined market share rarely drops below 99% so there's no point in discussing other mobile operating systems.

In the US, Apple's OS saw a significant increase in market share, reaching 38.7% in Q2 2018, 5.9% more than the same quarter last year. 1.2% of that came from Windows' market share, the other 4.7% from Android.

Apple has mostly the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to thank for those results. Both smartphones were responsible for around 20% of all smartphone sales in Q2 of 2018. Despite its hefty price tag, the iPhone X came 4th in the best sellers list. Overall, iOS devices account for 8 of the 10 most sold phones during the last quarter. Samsung and LG are the only two other companies that have a model representing them in the list, but both lost ground compared to their 2017 performance.

Interestingly, out of all the countries included in Kantar's research, Japan is the one with the highest iOS market share at 42.9%. Meanwhile Android has the tightest grip in Argentina with 96.1%.

In Europe, Android continues to be the dominating OS with between 75 and 90% market share, except in the UK, where iOS has a more sizeable 35% chunk.

In China, Apple is still holding around a fifth of the market, although it dropped down 2% from last year. However, the iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone there with 5.3%. This is a result of the huge fragmentation in the Android market in China, with so many competing manufacturers, no single model could outsell Apple's flagship device.

This report paints a pretty picture for Apple, as far as the US market is concerned. Not only is the company vastly outselling its competitors, but their biggest release for 2018 is yet to come. Samsung's hick-up with the Galaxy S9 might have allowed Apple to cement its dominance in the market for the near future.

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