iPhone 7 reported to have "cutting edge" wireless charging technology

iPhone 7 reported to have "cutting edge" wireless charging technology
There have been rumors before that Apple's iPhone 7 would be released this year with wireless charging, but we probably should have known that Apple might try to do something a little different with the feature. Apple is often late to the game with features, but the company always tries to do something that competitors aren't. Apple was well behind on bringing NFC payments, but tried to differentiate with the fingerprint authentication and adding it to the Apple Watch. 

With wireless charging, a new report claims that Apple is working with its partners in Asia to develop a new wireless charging technology that would charge a device from farther away than has been possible. Normally with wireless charging, the device needs to be placed on a charging mat in order to be inductively charged. The report doesn't mention how this would work or at what distance charging would be possible, but does say that the decision hasn't yet been made whether the technology would be included in the new iPhone or not. 

Although the report doesn't mention how the technology would work, Apple did apply for a patent back in late 2012 which would use near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) to be able to charge a device from as far as 3 feet (1 meter) away. That kind of tech would certainly fit the description of what is being reported, and would meet the definition of a "cutting edge" wireless charging option. 

source: Bloomberg

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