iPhone 6s and 6s Plus buying 101: where to buy, what are the prices, and when is the release date

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus buying 101: where to buy, what are the prices, and when is the release date
If you haven't pre-ordered the new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus yet, but Apple's latest smartphones are still on your radar, you're going to need this information if you plan on eventually buying. So, here's the where, what, and when of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus' retail availability, prices, and release date.

Apple announced that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available at 8:00 a.m. local time on Friday, September 25 at Apple’s retail stores. Both models will also be available on Friday from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, additional carriers and select Apple Authorized Resellers. Initially, both new iPhone models will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK and the US. So don't go around looking for an iPhone unless you happen to be there. Availability in other countries hasn't been announced yet.

Warning! Customers who plan to line up to purchase an iPhone in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Oregon, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Alaska should know that Apple is not accepting walk-in sales there. Reservations are required to make a purchase in these countries.

Also, customers in New York and Philadelphia may not able to acquire their iPhones on launch day due to a visit from Pope Francis. The Pope will be in the United States on September 24 and 25, and during that time, UPS, FedEX, and USPS are shutting down package delivery. Customers may be able to pick up their iPhones at local shipping hubs, but should get in touch with UPS or FedEX to see if that option will be available. Apple will also be offering Saturday delivery to affected customers.

With this out of the way, let's have a look at the various models and pricing options open to all of you, iPhone buyers and upgraders!


The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in gold, silver, space gray and the new rose gold metallic finishes for $0 down with 24 monthly payments starting at $27 (US) and $31 (US), respectively, from Apple’s retail stores in the US, Apple.com, select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers. Beginning September 26, customers will be able to visit Apple.com to reserve their iPhone for pick-up at their local Apple Store, based on availability. Most Apple stores will also have iPhone available for walk-in customers each day.

If you choose to pay full price, the breakdown is as follows:

iPhone 6s 16GB$649
iPhone 6s 64GB$749
iPhone 6s 128GB$849
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB$749
iPhone 6s Plus 64GB$849
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB$949

Annual upgrade plan

Exclusively at Apple’s retail stores in the US, customers can choose their carrier and get an unlocked iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with the opportunity to get a new iPhone annually with included AppleCare+ on the new iPhone Upgrade Program. Monthly payments start at $32 (US) and $37 (US), respectively.

ModelMonthly PriceFull price (after 24 months)
iPhone 6s 16GB$32.41$778
iPhone 6s 64GB$36.58$878
iPhone 6s 128GB$40.75$978
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB$36.58$888
iPhone 6s Plus 64GB$40.75$978
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB$44.91$1078


AT&T stores will open at 8 a.m. in their local time zones on Sept. 25, the first day of retail sales. Customers have three options to pay for their iPhone —AT&T Next, a 2-year agreement, or full price.

ModelAT&T Next 12AT&T Next 18AT&T Next 24AT&T Next with down payment
iPhone 6s 16GB$32.50$27.09$21.67$16.25 ($195)
iPhone 6s 64GB$37.50$31.25$25.00$18.75 ($225)
iPhone 6s 128GB$42.50$35.42$28.34$21.25 ($255)
6s Plus 16GB$37.50$31.25$25.00$18.75 ($225)
6s Plus 64GB$42.50$35.42$28.34$21.25 ($255)
6s Plus 128GB$47.50$39.59$31.67$23.75 ($285)


Over at Verizon's, iPhone 6s 16GB will be available starting at $27.08 per month for 24 months and iPhone 6s Plus 16GB will be available starting at $31.24 per month for 24 months.

ModelMonthly price - 24 MonthsFull price
iPhone 6s 16GB$27.08$650
iPhone 6s 64GB$31.24$750
iPhone 6s 128GB$35.40$850
6s Plus 16GB$31.24$750
6s Plus 64GB$35.40$850
6s Plus 128GB$39.58$950


In addition to its regular pricing options, T-Mo is alluring customers into trading in an older iPhone to get some sweet discounts of their monthly payments. Trading in an iPhone 6 or 5s in good condition lets one get the $iPhone 6 for as little as $5 or $10 a month, respectively.

ModelUpfront costIntroductory montly paymentRegular monthly payment
iPhone 6s 16GB$0.00$20.00$27
iPhone 6s 64GB$99.99$19.00$26.00
iPhone 6s 128GB$199.99$18.00$25.00
6s Plus 16GB$0.00$24.00$31.00
6s Plus 64GB$99.99$23.00$30.00
6s Plus 128GB$199.99$22.00$29.00


Starting on September 25, qualified Sprint customers can get iPhone 6s for $15 per month and iPhone 6s Plus for $19 per month. Moreover, customers who choose not to trade in an existing smartphone at time of purchase can get iPhone 6s for $22 per month and iPhone 6s Plus for $26 per month. Additionally, the carrier is offering an alternative, iPhone Forever, to Apple's yearly upgrade program.

Please note that the cost of the iPhone is included in the monthly payment data. Also note that the monthly price excludes taxes and fees.

ModelLease (22 months)Easy Pay (24 months)Contract (24 months)Full price
iPhone 6s 16GB$0 down/$75 monthly$0 down/$87 monthly$200 down/$85 monthly$650
iPhone 6s 64GB$0 down/$80 monthly$0 down/$91 monthly$300 down/$85 monthly$750
iPhone 6s 128GB$0 down/$85 monthly$0 down/$95 monthly$399 down/$85 monthly$850
6s Plus 16GB$0 down/$79 monthly$0 down/$91 monthly$300 down/$85 monthly$750
6s Plus 64GB$0 down/$90 monthly$0 down/$95 monthly$400 down/$85 monthly$850
6s Plus 128GB$0 down/$95 monthly$0 down/$100 monthly$500 down/$85 monthly$950

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