iPhone 4 preorder saga continues with AT&T account swingers

iPhone 4 preorder saga continues with AT&T account swingers
A hair raising phenomenon was observed by a bunch of folks trying to preorder the new Apple iPhone 4 on AT&T's website. Suddenly they found themselves peeping into someone else's account upon logging into their own to check upgrade eligibility.

AT&T claimed this didn't happen when they tried logging in, and nonetheless no sensitive info such as credit card numbers or social security numbers was visible. While we all know these are marked with Xs in your account, other information such as addresses, phone calls and bills is not, and this to us is clearly sensitive info as well.

The other day we had Apple's iPad 3G users affected with the reason being prepopulating some online forms which left their emails exposed, now what will be the spin on this, AT&T? The whole incident is supposedly due to fraud prevention overhauling of AT&T's software without the due testing. Still, whatever you name it - cross-reference of databases, server upgrade problems, etc. - it is not cool to breach the customer's privacy every other day.

source: Gizmodo via Engadget


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