iPhone 3G gets unlocked, Vietnamese style

iPhone 3G gets unlocked, Vietnamese style
It is well known in the mobile phone community that the iPhone 3G is a tougher egg to break then its predecessor. With the advent of Apple's 2.2 software update, the phone is impossible to unlock via software. requiring a proxy SIM if the user wants any sort of freedom outside of the confines of AT&T.

Fast forward to Vietnam, and meet Tuan Anh Do, a 29 year old businessman who owns five cell phone repair shops. Not only does he work on the beloved device, he has found a way to unlock the unit via hardware modifications. CNET's Dong Ngo is visiting Vietnam, and was able to view the process firsthand. To begin, the technician dismantled the device and removed the motherboard. From there, he removed the baseband chip, which controls the connection between the mobile network and the device. The chip was then placed in a reader to gather data, and the locking information was removed. From there, the phone was reassembled, and the process was finished.

The work isn't easy - each unlocking project takes about an hour to complete and will set the user back 1.2 million dong (about $80). Of note for 2.1 users, however: should a user upgrade to the 2.2 software update, it will re-lock the iPhone, since the new version is the first to alter the baseband chip. Those that are anxious about such a risky undertaking can rest easy; should Tuan Anh damage a phone in the process, he offers to purchase the customer a new one.

source: CNET



1. unregistered

I know people that have unlocked iPhone's that have updated via iTunes to 2.2 and had no problems with it locking back up. There phones are no longer jailbroken, but it doesn't lock the phone back up and they are still able to use other networks. Not sure where they're getting there info on that here... I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they figure out a software update to unlock it as well.

2. Ell@ unregistered

Where can I get mine unlocked I can sell it on ebay for more$$$$

6. unregistered

Depends on what firmware you have. If you have 2.1 or older you can unlock it. I would reccomend going to howardforums.com and doing some research. It's not hard but the first time through is usually a little rough until you understand what you need to do. There's many places you can go to get it unlocked and different methods, study up first before you jump into and screw your phone.

18. unregistered

Thanks I did my research I will hold off for a little longer

3. unregistered

I Had The Iphone And The Samsung Insticnt They Are Crap When Try To Get My Iphone Unlock It Got Broken So I Switch To The LG Venus No Larger Touch Screen But It Beat Them

4. vzw fanman unregistered

why do you capitilize the first letter of your words? so you went from sprint, to at&t to verizon? what do you mean you beat them

5. unregistered

Yea pretty sure the Venus doesn't beat either of those phones.

15. unregistered

Why so you type like a retard? When I try yo get my Iphone unlock it got broken?? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you trying to say that you broke your Iphone trying to unlock it? If so, it's probably because you're a fucking idiot!

21. unregistered

exactly why people who use iphones are retarted lol

7. unregistered

It fascinates me people post this as news for a couple reasons.... firstly... isn't that illigal? maybe not illigal but it voids the warranty regardless.

16. unregistered

Your point?

8. jrcrow unregistered

probably voids warranty to due the contract breakup--once the iphone is unlocked and open to ANY carrier, but hey..if you want it..IT CAN BE DONE!!...besides this ARTICLE IS LIKE 6 months old!!

12. unregistered

This article is about unlocking on 2.2 which has been out a few WEEKS.... nice try

9. vzw fanman unregistered

i just dont understand why people dont use the ipod touch and keep their phone with their own carrier

10. unregistered

Why have 2 seperate devices when you can have everything you want in one? That's why I have it. When I'm listening to music/playing games on my iPhone, I can still get my calls and pause what I'm doing and then go back to it when I'm off the call, or reply to messages or e-mails while listening to music with no interuptions. It's awesome.

11. unregistered

Yea plus by jailbreaking you can do ANYTHING you want to the phone, it's theme, the icons, alter the setup, basically do anything you want, including get all the things Apple crippled on it when it was made. can't go wrong!!!!!!!!!

13. vzw fanman unregistered

i have another question, why do carriers cripple their phones then?

14. unregistered

Usually (especially in the case of VZW) they do it so you have to subscribe to additional services with them, or to make the phone less expensive for them to buy and in exchange less for you as the consumer. VZW likes to cripple wifi because they want to charge you to subscribe to their data as opposed to having an option to get it free. HOWEVER, most high-end phones ALL require unlimited data now regardless of the carrier, so that's becoming a moot point, but it seems odd to not allow access to wifi. True their 3G network is fairly fast, but not as fast as the phone could run on wifi. Actually with the iPhone they claim they never added MMS because the future is e-mail which I thinks a load, but they will do what they want. I still love my iPhone, mainly because I've jailbroken it allowing me to make any changes I want, but don't know I would have it without those capabilities.

17. vzw fanman unregistered

thanks for the info! you seem like the most knowledgable person on this site...

19. unregistered

I've worked for a cellphone company for over 5 years so I've gathered quite a bit of knowledge in that time! lol I'm glad there's finally a thread that isn't running rampant with morons like usual. Kind of nice for a change...

20. vzw fanman unregistered

haha lol thats good. yea but i have to admit im one of those morons sometimes :-T

22. LiZeY unregistered

LOL I love your honesty

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