iOS users may be on iOS 7, but they don't always bother with security updates

iOS users may be on iOS 7, but they don't always bother with security updates
Not too long ago, Chitika came out with new stats that showed that North American iOS users had updated to iOS 7 pretty quickly. When the report came out, it showed that 74% of North American iOS users had updated to the newest version of the software. But, Chitika has let us in on the more detailed data, and it shows that while there are a lot of users on iOS 7, the security and bug fix updates that have come out are a different story.

According to Chitika, most iOS users are running either iOS 7.0.3, which accounts for 59.1% of iPhones and 56.4% of iPads, or iOS 7.0.2 which is running on 24.2% of iPhones and 27.1% of iPads. Very few users had updated to the latest version of iOS 7.0.4, which was on just 3.3% of iPhones and 2.7% of iPads. iOS 7.0.1 is the bottom of the barrel with 0.3% of iPhones and no iPads. And, 13.1% of iPhone users and 13.9% of iPad users are still running plain old iOS 7, without updating for any of the bug fix/security updates.

It is quite interesting to see this more granular data on the iOS ecosystem, because usually all we see are the basic numbers for how many users are running the "newest" iOS version, which usually includes all incremental updates. Just because an update is available, and it is easy to install doesn't necessarily mean that users are updating. 

source: Chitika


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