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iOS 5 may land descending from the clouds later this fall

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iOS 5 may land descending from the clouds later this fall

When Steve Jobs was unveiling the iPad 2 earlier this month, we were secretly hoping that the next version of Apple's mobile platform – iOS 5, will also get mentioned, at least briefly. Alas, our expectations were not met and iOS 5 was never brought to our attention, but there may be a solid reason for Apple not doing that.

Rumors say that Apple may have pushed the release of iOS 5 for the fall of 2011 with an announcement probably scheduled several months before that – during the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This brings up the question whether the iPhone 5, which is expected to launch this summer and to get introduced at WWDC as well, will ship running the next generation of Apple's mobile platform or will simply come with some iOS 4 version and receive an update eventually. After all, it is common practice for Apple to introduce a major iOS release along with every new iPhone model. Is it possible for Steve Jobs to have decided breaking the company customs this time?

According to the same sources that bring the aforementioned rumor, iOS 5 is very likely to demonstrate strong integration of cloud services among the many alterations it is hinted to bring. One of the supposed cloud applications may have the ability to locate nearby friends and relatives, while another was described as a “music locker” service, maybe having something to do with cloud-based audio storage or media streaming. More on Apple's cloud services will probably be revealed in June, when WWDC will take place.

Is there something in particular that you are hoping for iOS to bring? Who knows, maybe if you share them in the comments with us, your wishes will be granted.

source: TechCrunch via Redmond Pie

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